UFO Witness Describes Sighting

UFO Experience in Staffordshire, England

UFO Witness Describes Sighting
UFO Experience in Staffordshire, England - October 21st, 1954

An interesting video footage of a witness describing what she saw during a UFO experience in Staffordshire, England in October 1954.

On October 21st, 1954 in Ranton, Staffordshire, Jessie Rosenberg, then aged 29, and her two children, witnessed a lens shaped object flying overhead.

They also saw two humanoid figures with blond hair staring down at them. They were so scared by the encounter that they hid under a table in their house.

It is reported that they had several psychic experiences afterwards.

These type of species that the witness alleged seeing are generally referred to as being Nordic aliens. Nordic aliens according to various alien conspiracy theories, are a group of purported humanoid extraterrestrials.

They are so named because they are said to resemble Nordic/Scandinavian, or "Aryan" racial images.

Nordic aliens form a notable part of UFO/abduction belief and the contactee movement in European and Latin American nations, but are not commonly found in accounts from the US.

Nordic aliens are said to be extremely human-like in appearance, with pale white skin, colorless lips, and hair that is either light blond or white.

Some accounts describe them as having "remarkable" (sometimes pale) blue eyes, although they have also been described as having pink, red, yellow, green, or violet eyes.

Some cases have the eyes as somewhat resembling those of Greys', large and slanted, or being completely dark, lacking irises and sclerae.

Most accounts say that they are tall; either 6–8 ft tall or 18–24 ft tall, statuesque, and attractive. It is more common for them to be reported as being male than female.


A Ranton woman, near Stafford, told the Express & Star that she and her two children had been terrified by a flying saucer, carrying 'two long-haired human-like creatures'. 

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