Timothy Good Interview
MUFON 2007

Timothy Good Interview
MUFON 2007

Christian de Coninck interviewed the legendary British author and UFO-researcher Timothy Good. The conversation took place at MUFON's conference in Denver, Colorado in 2007.

Among the topics were: The Battle of Los Angeles (1942), Foo Fighters (World War 2), The Ghost Rockets in Scandinavia (1946), The Roswell Crash (1947), UFOs over Washington DC (1952), Wilbert Smith, Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, and former head of Lockheed Skunkworks Ben Rich.

The presentation of the interview is part of Exopolitics Denmark's ongoing efforts to raise public awareness of the existence of sequestered exotic technology.

Timothy Good is a British Ufologist and professional violinist. He was born in 1941 London and educated at The King's School, Canterbury before being granted a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, where he studied the violin.

In addition to his background in classical music, Good grew up with a strong interest in aviation and space which became an interest in UFOs in 1955 after he encountered the writings of Major Donald Keyhoe.

In 1961, after reading a book by U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, Good began conducting his own research into the UFO phenomena, eventually becoming a well known authority on the subject.

After the end of the cold war, and the collapse the Soviet empire, Good became the first Western Ufologist to be interviewed on Russian television. He was also invited to the Pentagon in 1998, and at the headquarters of the French Air Force in 2002, to discuss UFOs and other related matters, and has acted as consultant for several U.S. Congress investigations.

Timothy Good is probably best known among ufologists for his ground breaking book "Above Top Secret" which is an eye-opening look at the structure of sensitive top secret info that is kept under wraps in various Governments around the world.

According to ufologist Timothy Good (in his books Alien Liaison and Alien Contact), after Jackie Gleason's death his wife reported that one day in 1973 Gleason had come home extremely shaken.

He confided to her that because of Gleason's interest in UFOs, U.S. President Richard Nixon, who was a friend of his, had arranged for him to view bodies of extraterrestrials at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, under conditions of extreme secrecy. Gleason had found the experience very troubling.