Some of the Best UFO Footage
Unexplained Objects and Lights Caught on Tape

  Unidentified Flying Objects. What are they? Where do they come from? Many have wondered what these strange objects are over our skies. While many sightings are natural phenomena, conventional objects and hoaxes, some are not as easily explained. Between 5-20% of sightings remain unsolved and unexplained.

These are the sightings that are important to recognize and analyze. These unexplained sightings have been reported throughout the world by police officers, military personnel, pilots, and others. Should we ignore these sightings and dismiss them so quickly like most governments do throughout the world?

Most governments ignore such sightings and the truth is most of the information you will receive about UFOs comes from books, radio, TV shows and the internet. UFOs are widely ignored by officials. This is one reason why up to 71% of the public in the United States believe that the government knows more about this phenomenon than what they are telling. 

Top Five UFO Sightings Caught on Tape
Some of the best footage regarding UFOs that have been caught on tape. These sightings have been classified as unknown and unexplainable to this day. 

1. The Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights - V-shaped light formations and craft witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th 1997. UFO buffs call it "the most documented unexplained mass sighting ever recorded."

2. Centerville Ohio UFO 911 Calls

Centerville Ohio UFO 911 Dispatch Calls - Incident in Centerville Ohio on March 6th, 2004. Callers reporting Electrical activity then reported seeing something in the sky, an Alien ship, hovering over a school with flashing lights.

3. Top Secret UFO NASA Tapes

Top Secret UFO NASA Tapes - Tapes of real NASA UFO sightings from various missions. Many reports of bogies and unidentified objects from various astronauts from the NASA space program.

4. Triangular Shaped Objects Over Tennessee

UFO Sightings on the Rise - Fox News Tennessee March 2010. Bright white lights and strange, triangular shaped objects, Tennesseans are reporting some unusual things overhead. Don't expect that to stop anytime soon, a local group that investigates UFO close encounters says sightings are on the rise.


5. Lake Erie UFOs

Lake Erie UFOs - UFO enthusiast Michael Lee Hill, of Eastlake, has recorded many images of something mysterious over Lake Erie, Ohio. He released footage filmed along the lakefront that he says is his best so far. Mr Hill said: “It was probably one of the craziest nights of activity I’ve ever experienced.”

UFOs are any unusual apparent object or phenomenon in the sky whose cause cannot be identified by the observer.

Though UFO sightings have occurred throughout history, modern interest in them dates from World War II, since when governments have investigated UFO reports, often from a military perspective, and UFO researchers have investigated, written about and created organizations devoted to the subject.

Studies have established that the majority of UFOs are observations of some real but conventional objects, while a small percentage of reported UFOs are hoaxes.

However, after excluding these incorrect reports, between 5% and 20% of the total remain unexplained, and so can be classified as unidentified in the strictest sense.

Many such reports have been made by trained observers such as pilots, police and the military; some involve radar traces, so not all reports are visual.

Proponents of the so-called extraterrestrial hypothesis believe that these unidentified reports are of alien spacecraft, though various other hypotheses have been proposed.

The first publicized sightings were usually referred to using the term mystery airships, which were commonly seen and described as such during the latter part of the 19th century and the early 20th.

The term foo fighters was used by American fighter pilots during World War II to refer to UFOs.

The first widely publicized U.S. sighting, reported by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in June 1947, gave rise to the popular terms "flying saucer" and "flying disc", of which the former is still sometimes used, even though Arnold said the most of the objects he saw were not totally circular and one was crescent-shaped.

In addition, the infamous Roswell UFO Incident occurred at about the same time, which only served to further fuel public interest in the topic.

Gallup Poll

72% Believe that there is life in some form on other planets in the Universe

48% Believe UFO’s are something real

Think UFO’s have visited earth

Believe that the US Government knows more about UFO’s than it’s telling

UFOs constitute a widespread international cultural phenomenon of the last 60 years. Gallup polls rank UFOs near the top of lists for subjects of widespread recognition.

In 1973, a survey found that 95 percent of the public reported having heard of UFOs, whereas only 92 percent had heard of U.S. President Gerald Ford in a 1977 poll taken just nine months after he left the White House.

A 1996 Gallup poll reported that 71 percent of the United States population believed that the government was covering up information regarding UFOs.

A 2002 Roper poll for the Sci Fi Channel found similar results, but with more people believing that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft.

In that latest poll, 56 percent thought UFOs were real craft and 48 percent that aliens had visited the Earth.

Again, about 70 percent felt the government was not sharing everything it knew about UFOs or extraterrestrial life.

There has been little mainstream scientific study of UFOs, and the topic has received little serious attention or support in mainstream scientific literature.