Men in Black and the UFO Connection
MIB and their Quest for UFO-Alien Suppression

Men in Black and the UFO Connection
MIB and their Quest for UFO-Alien Suppression

There are various types of Men in Black encounters, but they typically follow a pattern: after a presumably credible individual reports or witnesses a UFO sighting, the witness is visited by a man or men (they are often said to come in threes) who are often dressed in black suits, lending the reports their name.

The men suggest -- or the witnesses assume -- that the men are government agents.

The men often flash convincing-looking badges and demand that the witness recant their story or hand over photographs or physical evidence of a UFO. If the witness refuses or questions their credentials, they often subtly or overtly threaten the witness or their family with bodily harm or other hardship.

Men in Black (MIB), in popular culture and in UFO conspiracy theories, are men dressed in black suits who claim to be government agents who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen.

It is sometimes implied that they may be aliens themselves. The term is also frequently used to describe
mysterious men working for unknown organizations, as well as to various branches of government allegedly designed to protect secrets or perform other strange activities.

Men in Black (MIB)

UFO crash in Needles, California on 5/14/08.
Military shows up 15 minutes later to haul object away. MIB shows up to question residents.

The term Men in Black is a generic one, used to refer to any unusual, threatening or strangely behaved individual whose appearance on the scene can be linked in some fashion with a UFO sighting.

Early reports of Men in Black often described them as men of short stature with swarthy complexions, as if they were deeply tanned.

Some reported them as Gypsies. Many reports seem to indicate that witnesses believed the MIB looked almost Asian or Spaniard.

They are usually reported to wear sunglasses, black suits and black cars have been a feature for the entire period since modern sightings began in 1947, but according to UFO historian Jerome Clark, "All MIB are not necessarily garbed in dark suits."

More prosaically, Clark cites Bill Moore, who asserts that "the Men in Black are really government agents in disguise ... members of a rather bizarre unit of Air Force Intelligence known currently as the Air Force Special Activities Center (AFSAC). As of 1991, the AFSAC, headquartered in Fort Belvoir, Virginia," and "under the operational authority of Air Force Intelligence Command centered at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas."

Typical Description of MIB
  • Usually the MIB are described as being male but female reports have been sighted
  • They are usually described as being in three's (sometimes twos - if there are three MIBs then one will usually remain in the vehicle)
  • Generally wearing black suits, sunglasses and sometimes hats (some reports indicate other colors of suits and clothing may be worn)
  • Style of clothing is usually very out of style or considered not yet in style
  • Eyes are usually hidden by sunglasses but reports have indicated that their eyes are described as being slanted or Asian-like and sometimes their eyes are described as "popping out"
  • Long narrow fingers
  • Voices are described as sounding "electronic" with no known accent
  • They have been reported of driving antique black Cadillacs (in the United States) and Jaguars (in the UK and Europe) and the vehicle always appears to be new along with the associated smell of a new vehicle even if the vehicle has not been in production for years (usually license plates are on the vehicle but the license is generally unissued or belonging to another vehicle)
  • Many people have reported seeing a purplish glow within the Cadillac. It is believed that this glow is from the dashboard
  • MIB have also been reported to use black unmarked helicopters
  • The MIB shoes as well as their vehicles always appear spotless. Even if the area they were in was full of mud or snow, and no footprints or tire tracks are found

Typical Actions of MIB
  • MIB will generally flash convincing looking badges to the witness
  • MIB usually have detailed reports and information regarding the witness
  • In most circumstances the MIB will demand that the witness retell their UFO/alien sighting to them in detail
  • They will usually ask for all the evidence of an encounter to be handed over to them such as video, photos and any physical evidence
  • Usually in all circumstances the MIB will attempt to convince the witness that the events they saw did not happen or feed the witness with false reasoning and/or another explanation behind the event
  • If the witness refuses to cooperate with the MIB they have been reported to threaten the witness and/or their family sometimes with bodily harm

Accounts indicate that they often claim to be from an agency collecting information on the unexplained phenomenon their subject has encountered.

In other accounts, they seem to be trying to suppress information by, for instance, trying to convince their subject the phenomenon never existed.

Men in Black
Unsolved Mysteries

The MIB phenomenon was initially and most frequently reported in the 1950s and 1960s, initially in a 1956 book by Gray Barker.

According to Jerome Clark, the archetypal Men in Black encounter occurred in 1953, when publisher Albert K. Bender asserted that he uncovered the secret behind flying saucers, but had been threatened by three men who wore black suits and hats.

Initially, Bender clearly implied the men were U.S. Government agents, but his later accounts blended supernatural features with UFO lore.

In fact, Bender himself was initially skeptical of the Men in Black phenomenon and first encountered them "in the flesh" after publishing an account of the Maury Island Incident, which occurred in 1947.

Harold Dahl reported pieces of a UFO fell on the boat he was on in Puget Sound, killing his dog.

The next day Dahl was allegedly warned by a man in a black suit, driving a black 1947 Buick, that he would do well to keep silent about the incident.

Hilary Evans points out that all elements in the MIB scenario (three visitors of swarthy or "foreign" complexion, in a black Cadillac) is never played out in complete form (e.g., some were limited to telephone calls).

Curiously, Moore also reports that AFSAC was inspired by the tales of Men in Black from the 1950s, and had nothing to do with those early accounts.

Similarly, Clark notes that Dr. Michael D. Swords has speculated that the Barker/Bender Men in Black case (occurring shortly after the CIA-directed Robertson Panel issued its recommendations to spy on civilian UFO groups) might have been a psychological warfare experiment.

On a more practical note, most US government law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as the FBI have strict dress codes that ordinarily require their members to wear suits in dark, non-obtrusive colors. 


Men in Black Theories
  • Some ufologists believe that Men in Black are in fact either aliens or androids controlled by aliens.
  • Theories of MiBs are a modern-day manifestation of the same phenomena that were earlier interpreted as the devil or encounters with fairies.
  • Men in Black are really government agents in disguise ... members of a rather bizarre unit of Air Force Intelligence known currently as the Air Force Special Activities Center (AFSAC).
  • Another theory is that the Men in Black are just a hoax, and they do not exist. This hoax was started possibly to scare individuals from reporting a UFO sighting in the first place.