Chile UFO Wave 
Flood of UFO Reports & Footage

Chile UFO Wave - Multiple videos of UFOs spotted over the skies of Chile.

It appears that Chile is having a flood of UFO reports come in lately. This impressive video seen here was filmed in Santiago, Chile on Dec 16th, 2009. It appears as though many witnesses have captured videos and pictures of multiple UFOs within the area lately and more are coming in. 

Since many people are seeing these lights it is not about if it is fake but what is it? It appears as if we are witnessing either some type of military aircraft which is unknown possibly some sort of experiment or classified craft from the military or we are witnessing an actual UFO from a species yet to be determined. 

This following video with very similar lights was filmed on December 9th, 2008 in Santiago, ChileChile, like Mexico, is a hotbed of UFO activity. Over the last two years massive fleets of UFOs have drifted over the city of Santiago on numerous occasions, performing complex maneuvers that can only be assigned to intelligent beings. 

This cannot be explained by Chinese lanterns, planes or birds! The Chilean Air Force has approximately 11,000 people serving under their command and 45,000 people serving under the command for their army as well. It is possible that this could be military activity within the area but we could be witnessing something else as well. 

Reports have come in from people of Chile that they witnessed lights coming out of the Ocean before the massive earthquake that hit Chile on February 27th, 2010. 

This earthquake registered 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale and lasted 90 seconds. Does this UFO activity have something to do with the massive earthquake that has hit Chile? Keep checking the skies.