UFO Believers Seek Info from President Obama
The Release of Government Files on Extraterrestrial Life

UFO believers are appealing to President Obama to release government files on extraterrestrial life. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

Chances are the President is not informed in such topics because the Government and Military looks upon this as a need to know subject.

Just because someone is a President the public automatically assumes they have all the answers and in this case I believe the President is not told any information in this matter.

The United States government has nothing to gain to release such information but they have everything to lose if they did. It is logical to assume that other countries would release such information long before the United States does.

The comment that was posted on youtube sums it all up:

"Firstly, anyone that believes that Obama is the President of 'The people of the USA' is entirely deluded. He is the Head of a Corporation, a puppet, there is a Government beyond your perception of your government and it made up of 30 to 40 people which runs the USA."

"Obama does as he is told. The last real President that you had of the People was JFK. Obama has no power and has not the courage to take it back, that is why he is in office."