The 2004 Mexican UFO Incident
The Objects Could not be Seen with the Naked Eye

The 2004 Mexican UFO Incident
The Objects Could not be Seen with the Naked Eye

This footage was filmed in 2004 over Mexico by military personnel who were looking for drug smugglers flying private planes. The Mexico military personnel thought they had something when this happened and they managed to capture on film this amazing encounter with up to 11 UFOs whilst flying in their aircraft.

This footage has since become very famous and Mexico even came out to the public and admitted the story was very true and are now taking the UFO issue very seriously.

On May 13th, 2004 Jaime Maussan released his interview of Mexican Air Force pilots showing an infrared video footage from a military air patrol on March 5th, 2004 against drug smuggling, that shows at least 11 very hot "spheres" moving irregularly with apparent great speed.

The objects could not be seen with the naked eye, neither the crew on board nor ground personnel confirmed any radar contact with the objects in question.

The crew did however pick up an earlier radar contact of an object moving at 60 mph which was later described as a lonely truck on the highway below which has been located to the front of the two engine Merlin C26A aircraft whereas the infrared targets were picked up through a dome mounted IR-system a little later at abt. -130° azimuth relative to the aircraft's flight direction in its 8 o'clock position.

Mexican Military Film UFOs in 2004
Fox News coverage of the release of a film of UFOs - filmed by Mexican Military.

A UFO research crew took an aircraft at the same altitude and flightpath and they discovered that their FLIR camera which uses thermal imaging technology was able to pick up glowing balls that appeared to follow them.

It appeared that these balls of glowing lights were oil platforms that were burning off gases.

Skeptics have suggested that the UFOs were actually oil platform burn-off flares of the Cantarell oil field located around some 240 kilometers (149 miles) to the north west of the aircraft.

This would have placed the objects near the horizon so as to appear on the same level as the aircraft.

Captain Alejandro Franz analyzed the latter option and published his results from July 2004 to May 2008.

Data collected from the research crew seems to indicate that these were not UFOs but they were in fact oil platform burn-off flares although some believe this is just an excuse or deliberate attempt to bury the truth.