The Day Before Disclosure

New Paradigm Films are among the millions of people across the world who have a strong notion that humanity is on the verge of major change on both a social, biological and spiritual level.

But they also recognize the need for widespread information on the key subjects of this transformation. Their goal is to produce films covering several of these subjects, and make them available for as many people as possible across the globe.

Are we standing at the threshold of the most shocking paradigm-shift ever? Is the “greatest story in human history” about to be revealed?

UFO Documentaries
Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs
I Believe In UFOs
I Know What I Saw
Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon
Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed - KGB UFO Documents
The British UFO Files
The Day Before Disclosure
The Secret KGB UFO Files
UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied
UFO Road Trip - The UFO Subject
UFOs Are Real
UFOs: It Has Begun
UFOs: The Secret Evidence
UFOs and Close Encounters

Mir UFO Phenomena

An investigation into the Russian Mir space station phenomena. An analysis carried out on some of the best footage of Mir UFO encounters.

You will notice how these objects appear out of no where and how they maneuver in weird, linear and non-linear fashions.

Majority of the footage has been fast forwarded and some footage has been slowed down to emphasize on these objects. This way a common peculiar UFO patterns have been discovered.

NASA / Space Programs / Military UFO Footage
Aliens in the NASA Archives
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter
Gary McKinnon - UFO: NASA Hacker
Hubble UFO Asteroid Mystery
MIR UFO Phenomena
NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper Explains his UFO Experience
Skylab III UFO Encounter
Strange Object Seen - UFO? NASA & Scientists are Unable to Identify It
Triangle UFO Paris France Possible TR 3B Project
UFOs and Area 51 Exposed
UFOs and Nuclear Weapons - Earth and Weapons of Mass Destruction
UFO Caught on Spacewalk - NASA
UFO Filmed by Astronaut STS-120 - New NASA Footage
UFO Footage - STS-48 "Abrupt Turn" - Full Length Original
UFO - NASA Space Shuttle STS-80 Mission

Winston Churchill UFO
Cover Up

According to records released on August 5th, 2010, British wartime prime minister Winston Churchill banned the reporting for 50 years of an alleged UFO incident because of fears it could create mass panic.

Reports given to Churchill claimed the incident allegedly involved an Royal Air Force (RAF) reconnaissance plane returning from a mission in France or Germany toward the end of the Second World War.

Government UFO Footage
British MOD UFO Files
Top Secret Army Majestic-12 UFO Crash and Retrieval Manual
UFO Believers Seek Info from President Obama - CNN
US Government UFOs or Alien Technology?
Winston Churchill UFO Cover Up

Police Confirmed UFO Sighting

Nothing much was shaking in Lebanon at 4:11 a.m. when Officer Ed Barton received the call from St. Clair County dispatch.

Barton, who at first scoffed at the dispatcher's request to look for a flying object in the shape of a "two-story house" with white lights and red blinking lights -- "If I find it, what am I supposed to do with it?" -- soon changed his tune when he spied a "very bright white light just east of town."

Police UFO Footage
Alan Godfrey Case
Police Confirmed UFO Sighting
Police Officers Witness UFO Over Illinois
Tony Dodd UFO - Ex British Police Officer Describes UFO seen
UFO Footage During Police Helicopter Chase

Phoenix Lights of 1997

UFO buffs call it the most documented and important mass sighting ever recorded.

But still today, the military and government can only offer questionable explanations as to what the anomalous lights truly were.

The strange phenomena has never been duplicated or reenacted. Many experts and witnesses insist that what appeared in the Arizona skies was something beyond this world.

Famous UFO Cases
Battle of Los Angeles
Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Case
Encounter in Ruwa: The Ariel School Sighting
Falcon Lake UFO - May 20th, 1967 - Falcon Lake, Manitoba
Official FAA Cockpit Recordings of Pilot UFO Sightings
Phoenix Lights of 1997
Remembering the Phoenix Lights of 1997
Roswell UFO Incident - UFO Crash of 1947
Something is Eerie over Lake Erie - UFOs
The Roswell UFO Incident
"The Coyne Incident" - Coyne Helicopter UFO Incident
Travis Walton UFO Abductee Explaining inside the Spacecraft
UFO 911 Dispatch Call - Centerville Ohio
Westall UFO - A Suburban UFO Mystery

Flytrap German Saucer

Die Glocke (German for "The Bell") is a purported top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe.

First described by Polish journalist Igor Witkowski, it was later popularized by military journalist and author Nick Cook as well as by conspiracy theory writers such as Joseph P. Farrell. Farrell and others associate it with Nazi occultism and antigravity or free energy research.

Information & Sightings Regarding UFOs
Aztec 1948 UFO Crash
Belgian UFO Wave
Betty Hill Interview - UFO Connection
Bob Lazar and S-4 Near Area 51
Cash-Landrum Incident
Close Encounters Classification Scale
DeepSea UFOs: Unidentified Submerged Objects
Different UFO Shapes & Probes Released by UFOs
Duhamel, Alberta 1967 - UFOs & Crop Circles
Flytrap German Saucer
Ghost Rockets
Height 611 UFO Incident
Kecksburg UFO Incident
Lubbock Lights
Majestic 12 - Investigate UFO Activity in the Aftermath of the Roswell Incident
Mantell UFO Incident
Mariana UFO Incident
Maury Island UFO Incident
McMinnville UFO Case

Foo Fighters

The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific Theater of Operations.

Though "foo fighter" initially described a type of UFO reported and named by the U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron, the term was also commonly used to mean any UFO sighting from that period.

Mexican UFO Incident of 2004
Nazi UFO Conspiracy
Nazi UFOs - Secrets Of The Third Reich
Tinley Park Lights - Five Mass UFO Sightings
Turkey UFO Sightings of 2008
Varginha UFO Incident
Walter Haut's Final Roswell Testimony
White House Opens Up about UFOs - The Paranormal Report

Some of the Best UFO Footage

Unidentified Flying Objects. What are they? Where do they come from? Many have wondered what these strange objects are over our skies.

While many sightings are natural phenomena, conventional objects and hoaxes, some are not as easily explained. Between 5-20% of sightings remain unsolved and unexplained. These are the sightings that are important to recognize and analyze.

These unexplained sightings have been reported throughout the world by police officers, military personnel, pilots, and others. Should we ignore these sightings and dismiss them so quickly like most governments do throughout the world?

Interesting UFO Footage
Miscellaneous UFO Footage
Best UFO Cases Caught on Tape - Paranormal TV
Black Triangle UFO over the USA
Chile UFO Wave
China - UFO Closes Chinese Airport Sept 2010
Dan Aykroyd - Unplugged on UFOs
Extraterrestrial Disclosure - Steve Lantz
Men in Black - UFO Connection
Mexico UFO Sightings
'Mile-Wide UFO' Spotted by British Airline Pilot
MUFON Investigates Cleveland UFO
Multiple UFO Sightings in Australia
Phoenix Lights - Rare Footage
Physical Evidence and Rare UFO Footage Shown to the World
Some of the Best UFO Footage
Tennessee UFO Sightings on the Rise

The Never Ending UFO Flap

UFO reports increased precipitously after the first widely publicized U.S. sighting, reported by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in June 1947, that gave rise to the popular terms "flying saucer" and "flying disc."

Kenneth Arnold is best-known for making what is generally considered the first widely reported unidentified flying object sighting in the United States, after claiming to see nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Washington on June 24th, 1947. The U.S. Air Force formally listed the Arnold case as a mirage.

UFO Disclosure May Be Imminent
UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record
UFO Welcome Center
West Airlines Flight 564 UFO Sighting

Dr. Steven Greer presents "Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence"

The Disclosure Project is an organization started by Greer in 1993 that alleges the existence of a US government cover-up of information relating to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The Project has adopted Greer's contention that UFOs are spacecraft piloted by intelligent extraterrestrial life, and that the United States government is keeping this secret.

Greer also uses the project to disseminate his beliefs that the government has concealed advanced energy technologies obtained from the extraterrestrials by suppressing and hiding them in top secret "black projects" in order not to upset the global geo-political power and energy-sector financial status-quo and its oil industry "special interests".

UFO Conferences / Events / Interviews
Edgar Mitchell on UFOs at Press Conference
Herbert Schirmer Conference - Police Officer Abducted By Aliens
MUFON 2010 - Stanton Friedman on UFOs, SETI and Stephen Hawking
MUFON 2010 UFO Symposium
MUFON Symposium 2010 & UFO Disclosure
Timothy Good Interview - MUFON 2007
UFO Disclosure Project

Roswell UFO - Original Radio News Report from ABC News Radio

Original ABC News radio report of "flying disc" found at Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th, 1947.

The Roswell UFO Incident was the alleged recovery of extra-terrestrial debris, including alien corpses, from an object which crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947.

Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense controversy and the subject of conspiracy theories as to the true nature of the object which crashed.

News UFO Footage
1973 UFO News Report With CBS Walter Cronkite
2006 O'Hare International Airport UFO Sighting
Arizona Firefighter Training Manual Deals With UFOs - ABC News
Brazil to Make All UFO Records Public
Buzz Aldrin Interview 2010 - Aldrin's Next Giant Leap
Dan Aykroyd on UFOs and Aliens
Denver Initiative Proposes To Track Space Aliens

Ex-Air Force Officials Reveal UFO Sightings

They are said to be able to cross galaxies. But people who believe they are out there, want to know why aliens want to visit Earth.

A group of former U.S. servicemen is convinced extraterrestrials are interfering with nuclear weapons, as RT's Cedric Moon explains. This was not your run-of-the-mill Washington press conference.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings organized a briefing on Sept. 27th, 2010 to issue a warning about aliens having visited our nuclear facilities.

Honolulu UFO 2007 - KHON-TV 2 News
Hot Spot for UFO Sightings - KNDU News
Hunting Camera Captures UFO in Texas — August 25, 2010 (NBC)
Manhattan UFOs - Reports State they were Balloons (Oct 13th, 2010)
New UFO Mystery Surfaces - I-Team Investigation
New Zealand Releases UFO Files
Nuclear Weapons Switched off by UFOs - USAF Officers Break the Silence

O'Hare UFO Leaked News Footage Seconds before Broadcast

At approximately 4:30 p.m on Tuesday November 7th, 2006, federal authorities at Chicago O'Hare International Airport received a report that a group of twelve airport employees were witnessing a metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovering over gate C-17.

According to eyewitness reports, the strange object was first spotted by a ramp employee who was "pushing back" United Airlines flight 446 which was departing Chicago for Charlotte, North Carolina.

Roswell UFO - Original Radio News Report from ABC News Radio
Stephen Hawking Warns Against Aliens
UFOs/Triangle in Borrego? SAN DIEGO, Calif. - CBS 8
UFO Witness in Staffordshire, England in October 1954
UFO X Files Revealed - CNN News

Men in Black

Cloaked in secrecy they show up without warning. The Men in Black are regarded as a government organization to hush up UFO sightings but there are theories they might actually be extraterrestrials themselves.

Men in Black (MIB), in popular culture and in UFO conspiracy theories, are men dressed in black suits who claim to be government agents who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen.

TV Shows about UFOs
1952 UFO Eyewitness Howard Cocklin - First Contact TV
Arizona Lights - Fact or Faked
Black Box UFOs - UFO Files
Bob White Case - UFO Hunters
Canada's Roswell - UFO Files
Cattle Mutilations - UFO Files
Coyame Mexico Crash - UFO Hunters
Dugway, Utah - The New Area 51 - UFO Hunters
Greatest UFO Mystery in Australia - Today Tonight
Men in Black Encounter at Dugway Airfield - UFO Hunters
Men in Black - Unsolved Mysteries
Mexico's Roswell - UFO Files

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

The Rendlesham Forest Incident is the name given to a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of a craft of unknown origin in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in late December 1980. Some Ufologists believe it is perhaps the most famous UFO event to have happened in Britain, ranking amongst the best-known UFO events worldwide.

Along with the Berwyn Mountain UFO incident, it has been compared to the Roswell UFO incident in the United States, and is sometimes referred to as "Britain's Roswell".

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record
Trumbull County Ohio UFO Sighting - UFO Hunters
UFOs & Reverse Engineering - UFO Hunters
UFOs vs The Government - UFO Files
UFO Surveillance - UFO Hunters
UFOs Over Earth - The Fayetteville Case
Underwater Alien Bases - UFO Hunters
When UFOs Arrive - UFO Files

Books about UFOs
Extraterrestrial Encounters Documented by the US Government
UFO Dictionary - The Quest for the Truth

UFO Hoaxes and IFOs
China Airport Shutdown after UFO Sighting - Live Video Footage
Guardian UFO - Carp, Canada
Jerusalem UFO - Jan/Feb 2011
Morristown UFO Hoax
Rods - Tricks of Light and Optical Illusions
Team of Experts in China Release ‘China UFO’ Findings
TV News Crew Capture UFO - St. Paul Minnesota August 10th, 2010
Two Jet Fighters Chase a UFO - Midlands, UK
UFO Shuts Down China's Airport - July 7th, 2010
UFO Spiral Videos over Canada are Fake - Russia Today

Gallup Poll - UFOs

 72% Believe that there is life in some form on other planets in the Universe

 48% Believe UFOs are something real

 45% Think UFOs have visited earth

 71% Believe that the US Government knows more about UFOs than it’s telling 

Numerous public opinion polls from the last 50 years, and from multiple different countries, report very consistent and similar findings: 50% of the population believes in the reality of UFOs; and 5% of the population has seen a UFO.

  –– Public Opinion Polls on UFOs

 Report a UFO Sighting

  Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are of unknown origin and lack identification. The following article will give you tips on how to document and report the sighting of a UFO:
How to Report a UFO Sighting

A UFO witness can report a sighting to the following organizations:

MUFON Sighting Report

"Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist. In the vastness of the universe we are not alone."

–– The Bible According to Albert Einstein

UFO or Unidentified Flying Object is described as an aerial  phenomenon of an object that cannot be identified by the observer.

Studies have shown that most UFOs can be explained by: weather phenomenon such as ball lightning, the moon, Venus, other bright stars in the sky, meteors, balloons, military aircraft and other objects that are not easily identified.

But does this explain all the sightings and reports of UFOs?

After excluding incorrect reports, however, it is acknowledged that between 5% and 20% of reported sightings remain unexplained, and as such can be classified as unidentified in the strictest sense.

Many reports have been made by trained observers such as pilots, police, and the military; some involve radar traces, so not all reports are visual.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

— Albert Einstein

Real UFOs (5-20% of Reported Sightings)

The possibility that all UFO sightings are misidentifications of known natural phenomena have inspired some debate in the scientific community about whether scientific investigation was warranted given the paucity of available empirical data.

Very little peer-reviewed literature has been published in which scientists have proposed, studied or supported non-prosaic explanations for UFOs. The main reason this is so is due to the fact that many scientists are ridiculed to this type of phenomenon and fear of losing ones job becomes a factor. 

Nevertheless, UFOs as a cultural phenomenon continues to be the subject of serious academic research and amateur investigators continue to advocate that UFOs represent real and unexplained events, whether or not they are associated with alien encounters.

"Statistically it's a certainty there are hugely advanced civilizations, intelligences, life forms out there. I believe they're so advanced they're even doing interstellar travel. I believe it's possible they even came here."

–– Astronaut Storey Musgrove

A National Poll found that up to 72% of the public believe that their own government is not telling them everything they know about UFO activity and as much as 48% of the population believe that UFOs have visited earth.

With the amount of information exchange that is available today, those numbers are drastically starting to rise.

Men in Black (MIB) - Reports of Men in Black or MIB indicate that they work for some secret government agency that harasses and threaten UFO witnesses that way they will keep quiet about what they have seen or what information they might have about UFO's.

MIB were reported quite frequently in the 1950's and 1960's. The term Men in Black was started since they usually wore black suits with black ties and generally wearing black hats and drove black cars. They usually would be in pairs or more and seldom alone.

The MIB usually would have detailed reports of the person who claimed to witness a UFO suggesting that this provides more evidence that they work for a secret government agency.

MIB would typically keep the UFO witness under surveillance for periods at a time. Some theories state that the MIB come from the CIA or the Air Force. Other theories state that they may be extraterrestrial themselves.  

"We had a job to do, whether right or wrong, to keep the public from getting excited."

–– J. Allen Hynek (scientific adviser to UFO studies)

Project Blue Book started in 1952 because of the rash of UFO reports that came from the public. The United States Air Force begin the project to determine if these reports were true and to understand what is happening.

Thousands of UFO reports were collected, analyzed and filed through this project.

Project Blue Book claimed to have reported a total of 12,618 reports in all and stated that most reports were easily explained being: military aircraft, stars, meteors, weather phenomenon or other objects that could be identified in the sky.

Many critics believe that Project Blue Book was biased and that it was used as a form of a cover-up.

Project Blue Book concluded that:
  • UFO Reports were a form of mass hysteria
  • Individuals would claim reports and create hoaxes to gain popularity
  • People who claimed to witness these reports may have had some form of a mental illness
  • Sane individuals who misidentify normal objects in the sky

"Blue Book was now under direct orders to debunk. I remember the conversations around the conference table in which it was suggested that Walt Disney or some other educational cartoon producer be enlisted in the debunking process."

–– Dr. J Allen Hyneck

Roswell - On July 8th, 1947 an alleged recovery of a UFO was reported. The famous 'Roswell Incident'. The U.S. military claimed it was just debris from a downed experimental high altitude weather balloon which they built for surveillance that was part of a classified program called: Mogul.

Other people report that it was actually a crashed alien spacecraft and not a weather balloon as the U.S. Military stated and that extra-terrestrial bodies were recovered.

Some people believe that the U.S. Government and Military covered-up the whole incident by creating a fabricated story involving a weather balloon.

"I'll never be the same. Before this, if anybody had told me they saw a UFO, I would've said, 'Yeah, and I believe in the tooth fairy'. Now I've got a whole new view. I may be just a dumb truck driver, but I've seen something that don't belong here."

–– Bill Greiner (Cement Driver witnessing the Phoenix Lights)

Triangle UFOs aka Silent Vulcans - Black Triangular UFO's are a class of UFO's which have been reported since the 1940's to the present. Most reports of this particular type of UFO come from the United States and Britain.

Reports state that this type of UFO is very large in size, generally black with lights that sometimes pulse, it is silent, generally hovers or cruises over large cities or highways and they make no attempt to evade any type of detection whatsoever.

It is almost as if the occupants within these triangular UFOs are making a statement to the humans below.

Triangle UFO - July 17th, 2009 in Wesley Chapel, Florida - Multiple witnesses see a black triangle UFO over the skies.  The object returned to the exact same location on July 25th, 2009.

Some theories about people witnessing Triangle UFOs are that they are actually seeing LED kites. While this may be true in some cases it obviously does not explain all footage and witness accounts of Triangle UFOs and Silent Vulcans.