The Human Calculator
Rüdiger Gamm and his Ability to Calculate Complex Mathematics in his Head

The Human Calculator
Rüdiger Gamm and his Ability to Calculate Complex Mathematics in his Head

Rüdiger Gamm of Welzheim, Germany, is The Human Calculator! At 35 years old, he can instantly solve complex mathematical formulas inside his head.

Gamm can multiply higher powers and divide two prime numbers to 60 decimals -- 84 to the power of 17; 42 to the power of 100; 31 divided by 61.

Gamm can also speak backwards -- both an entire sentence and each word within a sentence. He is also a calendar calculator and can determine within seconds the day of the week of any date in history.

Professor Allan Snyder is an internationally acclaimed scientist and the Foundation Director of the world's only Centre For The Mind, a joint venture of the Australian National University and the University of Sydney.

Snyder specializes in rare cases of people who suddenly develop extraordinary savant skills after receiving a brain injury.

Snyder's theory is that Gamm's mysterious abilities can be explained quite simply: he believes Gamm is an autistic savant and has designed tests specifically for him. It's a diagnosis Gamm disagrees with and he sets out to prove Snyder wrong. 

Rüdiger Gamm was born on July 10th, 1971 and is a German "mental calculator". He attained his ability to calculate (memorize most of the time) complex mathematics in his head at the age of 21.

As well, he can also speak backwards in complete sentences and words, and calculate calendars.

Featured on the Discovery Channel show The Real Super-humans, he was examined by scientist Allan Snyder (Savant Expert) who concluded that his ability was not a result of Savant Syndrome but connected to genetics.
Rüdiger Gamm is named the human calculator for his ability to calculate complex mathematics in his head. According to Gamm, anyone can do what he can do. "There is just a table of numbers to learn then anyone can do it."

In terms of mental calculations, Gamm's most notable talent is the ability to memorize large powers.

In the 2008 Mental Calculation World Cup in Leipzig, he recited 81100, which took approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds. In the tournament itself, he performed strongly, finishing in 5th position overall.