Strange Figures Caught on Security Camera
Unidentified Bipedal Creatures Caught on Camera

Strange Figures Caught on Security Camera
Unidentified Bipedal Creatures Caught on Camera

One of this week's highlights is a case from Fresno, CA, where a man caught video of unidentified bipedal creatures in his front yard.

Bill, Jael and Larry head to Fresno to interview the homeowner, Jose, who heard his dogs barking one night, rushed out with his video camera, and captured footage of mysterious figures ambling near his house.

Jose allows the team full access to experiment, and thanks them for their time. The team attempts to recreate the image with three experiments:

A child in a costume, a hand-held puppet held by Larry (with his image digitally removed from the final video), and a doll on a pully, but none of these look remotely like Jose's footage.

They move to a nearby wooded area, surrounding it with cameras, to see if there are any animals there that resemble what Jose caught on his video. Immediately, their equipment starts going haywire, switching on and off, cameras getting knocked over - and they have no idea why.

Bill whips out the thermal camera and follows a strange noise. They catch an eerie image on the thermal, but it's gone as quickly as it appeared. Thoroughly spooked, they pack up their gear for analysis.

At headquarters, the unique video, strange personal experiences, and credible witness in Jose all point to the case of the 'Nightcrawlers' being unexplainable.

Strange footage of a creature caught on CCTV in Fresno, California. During the investigation of this footage the Fact or Faked team experienced multiple equipment failure as well as high-pitched squealing sounds coming from what appears to be some type of animal.

The high-pitched squealing sounds were most likely coming from some type of animal but the reasons why multiple equipment failed is currently unknown.

Strange Figures Caught on
Domestic CCTV
Fresno, California, Nov 2007 

This was shown as part of a presentation by Victor Camacho at the 2008 MUFON Symposium in San José (July 2008).

Victor relates the story of someone who was initially frightened at revealing the tape of CCTV footage - he then managed to contact the person and went to see the house where it was filmed.

Some theories as to what is seen on the camera include:
  • Robotic creature (mechanical puppet - under a fabric type of cloth)
  • Living creature (unknown species)
  • Living creature (known species) such as a species of bird. Possibly a sand-crane or snowy egret carrying a cloth-type of fabric possibly for nesting.
  • Alien-being
  • Human figure under a blanket or cloth-like fabric
  • Possible Hoax - CGI (Fact or Faked could not prove it was a hoax but it is still a possibility)
Unfortunately there appears to be no original of this video to be found online anywhere.

The quality of the video is considered poor and therefore it is hard to speculate exactly what is being seen.
Multiple theories have been given over what is being witnessed on the Closed-circuit television (CCTV) but none of the theories are able to provide 100% proof to what is being viewed.

One person commented on the video, stating:

"The extremely bizarre nature of the figures and the way they move are so strange, and so completely unlike anything that has ever been offered before as “alien video,” the suggestion is strong that these are real images of unknown bipedal creatures, whose body morphology is so radically different from what has evolved on earth that the conclusion is almost inescapable that they are aliens."

Fresno California Figure

DVD footage that was obtained in July 2008 of an unknown figure that appears to be walking on two legs.

It appears that this is a living creature and speculation of it being some type of a bird has been brought up multiple times.

A close-up enhancement of the second figure that crosses the yard in Fresno California is shown.

Even though this video is enhanced, the quality is still quite poor because the source of the video was poor to begin with.

This is probably the best quality that we will ever see. It's a shame there was never a direct transfer from the CCTV System.

Facts of the Fresno California Video
  • The figure appears to be quite lean and walks on two legs.
  • Both figures appear to be the same height (approximately 2-3 feet)
  • It appears that one of the figures has some type of fabric draping around it.
  • Both figures appear to walk along the exact same path.
  • The owner of the video appears to be genuinely scared.
The video does not appear to be the work of CGI but it is possible it could be some type of mechanical puppet which may have been used as a prank (from a third party). The fact that both figures appear to be 'walking' within the same pathway creates some speculation to whether this may be a hoax.

Many theories and conclusions have been thrown around to what is being witnessed on the CCTV of what appears to be a strange living creature.

It is logical to assume that the figures are some type of living creature which is living within the Fresno, California area. It is also very possible that we could be witnessing some type of bird. It is also possible this species is unknown to science as well.

Unfortunately, the video seems to provide much more questions than answers. But if a person was to guess at what is being witnessed in the video, the best logical guess would be it is some type of living animal and most likely a bird. But, who knows. Maybe it is something else.