Creation of the Universe
The Origins of the Singularity

  I must first apologize for the following text. This is something that I have been thinking of ever since "my beginning". This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Many people have attempted to answer how the universe was born in the first place. The following are my ideas:

Beyond reasonable doubt, the universe was once a gravitational singularity which then expanded rapidly from this hot and dense state. While this expansion is well-modelled by the Big Bang theory, the origins of the singularity remain one of the unsolved problems in physics.

Scientists continue to try and create a naturalistic cosmogony using the scientific method, although there are several problems that will likely need to be resolved before significant progress can be made in this direction.

In reality, science has a very limited knowledge of this topic. There is much evidence which would attribute the creation of the universe to the Big Bang, but what occurred before the event of the Big Bang is unknown.

The amount of energy required to create this universe would be tremendous. Currently, the existence of our universe cannot be fully explained by science and in all honestly, it will probably never be fully explained by science.

Logically, since it would appear that the universe has an age, this would mean that it had a beginning. Therefore, the theory that the universe always existed is not logical.

The theory that the universe is a physical entity is possible but there is no proof of this. And even if the universe was a physical entity, it still would have to have been created by something.

Another theory that has been brought to the table is that you cannot explain the beginning since time and space did not even exist, therefore there was no beginning since time did not exist in the first place.

How can we measure something when time didn't even exist in the first place? While this may be true, it appears illogical in some forms. Time as we may know it may not have existed but to assume that there was no time-measure as a whole appears to be illogical.

Currently, it would appear that the Big Bang theory is the most logical theory. But this still does not answer the question to what created the Big Bang. Sciences best theory would be that our universe was created from another universe. While there appears to be some evidence that there are multiple universes in our reality, this would still create an issue.

Even if a universe could be born from another universe there was still an initial universe. What created the very first universe? It all comes down to the chicken and the egg question. How can the very first object be created from nothing?

The universe and everything within it acts like an operating system, a program. This is what science observes and records. Is it not possible that something programmed everything around us?

Although science may disagree with the following, it would appear that the universe was created by a 'higher power'. A programmer, if you will. This program that is running is exactly what science is recording and observing.

If we remove this possibility of a higher power, then we are left with the following statement: It would appear that the universe began from nothing.

Logically, something cannot be created from nothing. At least not how we understand things.

Even if this is the case, we still have another problem. What created the programmer? Honestly, it never ends...

It is as if the question is answered in an infinite loop much like a circle, there is no beginning and there is no ending. But the problem is we have evidence that there was a beginning.

I don't believe the human brain will ever answer this question because it frankly is impossible to answer completely. The most logical answer that I can come up with is that an entity (a programmer) created this universe but I have no idea how this entity came to be.

Maybe in this particular case it is not logical to assume that this entity had a beginning. The programmer always existed. If we think logically with the limitations of our human brains we come to the conclusions that there is always a beginning and an ending. This is the problem. Since to begin from nothing, you need something. And this limitation means you cannot begin from nothing.

Which would mean you could never have a beginning. Which would then mean that everything which exists around us should not exist, yet it does. Therefore it may be logical to assume that the programmer or programmers always existed.