Bigfoot Spotted in North Carolina
Fox 8 News

June 16th, 2010 - Cleveland County, North Carolina
Bigfoot Spotted in North Carolina - Tim Peeler of Cleveland County, North Carolina called police after encountering Bigfoot outside his mountain home. Apparently, this particular Bigfoot was 10-feet-tall, had "beautiful (blonde) hair," and six fingers on each hand. Peeler told the Charlotte Observer that he "rough-talked him" and scared him off.

Bigfoot, or something like it, was reportedly spotted near a North Carolina man's backyard this week.

Older reports and supposed photos of Bigfoot show that he has dark brownish hair, but this time Cleveland County resident Tim Peeler told the Charlotte Observer that this Bigfoot has blond hair.

“I tried to call him,” Peeler told the WCNC News
Channel 36 as he blew a device to simulate the sound of a coyote.

“This thing was 10 foot tall,” he told the news station. “He had beautiful hair. He scared me.”

Peeler, who was calling for coyotes on his property, located in western North Carolina, said that as the creature got closer to him, he “rough-talked him” and it temporarily left until coming back a short while later. He added that the creature had six fingers on each hand.

“I said, 'Get away from here! Get! Get!' and he went right back up that path again,” he told the news channel.

After his encounter, Peeler notified the local police who put out a suspicious persons report.

Back in the late 1970s, there were numerous sightings of the beast, who allegedly killed chickens, goats, and other farm animals.