Jeffrey Keene and Reincarnation
Transmigration of the Soul

Jeffrey Keene and Reincarnation (Proof Positive) - Was Jeffrey Keene a soldier in the civil war during another life?

Reincarnation is believed to occur when the soul or spirit, after the death of the body, comes back to Earth in a newborn body. This phenomenon is also known as transmigration of the soul.

In May 1991 Jeffrey Keene and his wife Anna were antique hunting in Maryland when he felt drawn to pay a visit to a civil war battlefield. The battle of
Antietam claimed the lives of more then 7000 men in a single day of fighting.

The first clue to what had happened would come 18 months later. At a friends Halloween party Jefferey got a reading from a psychic. Jeffery was stunned but he still had no idea what it all meant. Events started to unfold that told a bigger story to
Jeffrey Keene.