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A Grandmother Says "Goodbye".

A Grandmother Says "Good-Bye" 
    The first time I experienced a spirit. I was twelve years old.  I was living in Putney at the time.  My grandmother had went into the hospital in Thomasville for a minor surgery.  During the night as I slept, I had a dream of being with her in her home in Moultrie.  She had an old dog named Topper (who was very snappy towards kids, and had bitten me once before).  In my dream, Topper ran out from under the table and bit my toe.  I felt the sharp pain and woke up, sitting straight up in my bed.  I looked at my toe to see if it was still attached.  Hovering at the foot of my bed, was a glowing form, almost like a haze or a misty cloud.  I stared in shock, and then without realizing what was going on, I felt a calming presence.  I felt her.  I could smell her scent.  At the time, I was not aware of what it was or what I was seeing.  Then in a almost muted whisper, I heard, "I'm going home now." 

    In the morning, we received a call from a relative telling us to go to the hospital in Thomasville. They would not tell us anything about my grandmother's condition, just that we needed to be there.  All the while, I knew in my mind that she had past away, but being so young, I kept it to myself. 
When we arrived, we found out that she had died earlier that night.  I saw her again at the graveside during her funeral.  She waved at me and then vanished. I never saw her after that.  

    Since then I have seen and heard many presences, relatives, friends, strangers.  Some calming like my grandmother, others restless and cold.  I'm careful now as to what I hear, and try my best to rule things out; still, sometimes there is no denying it.

    - Authors Name With-held.