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Fictional Paranormal Stories

 This section has been added to provide an oppertunity for visitors to the site to share their own fictional stories regarding the paranormal to the site for all our visitors. Please address all submissions to the section to PEUmbarger@aol.com with the words "Fictional Paranormal Stories" in the subject line.
Basic Guidelines:
01). No submissions detailing or promoting any illegal activity will be accepted. This includes tresspassing and drug usage.
02). Since this section is intended to contain only fictional works dealing with the paranormal, no factual accounts will be posted here. Please submit those to PEUmbarger@aol.com with the words "Factual Paranormal Experiences" in the subject line.
03). Please take the time to insure that you have conducted a spell check on your work before you submit it. Doing so will speed up the process of getting it posted and help to insure that you are taken seriously by others who read your work.
04). You may include contact information for yourself and/or your group if you wish to be contacted by others. This contact information must be seperate from the body of the story though.
05). Avoid excessive profanity as your submission is subject to be seen by a wide cross section of the on-line community.
06). I, Rabbi Paul E. Umbarger II, am the sole and ultimate authority on rather a submission meets the requirements of these guidelines.
07). As these submissions will be available to any and all visitors, please make the stories interesting and be sure that they are not the work of someone else that you "borrowed". Submitting someone elses work as your own is called plagerism and can get you into pretty hot water, legally speaking. It will also prevent you from posting submissions to this site in the future.
08). All acceptable submissions will be posted as soon as time allows. As I must insure that all submissions meet these guidelines, times may vary.
09). Please self edit your submissions to insure that they are concise, clear and informative
10). Due to the abundance of literiture available on the internet and elsewhere, I can not validate the originality of the authors submission. As stated elsewhere on this site, "all articles and essays are the sole property of the author". So is insuring that it is their work to share on this site. The P.I.R.G. nor I make any claims regarding the ownership of the stories submitted by vistors to the site nor is any claim of ownership intended or implied.