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The Real Amityville Horror (Documentary)

The Real Amityville Horror (A documentary Film)
    This is a six part documentary on the Amityville Haunting that was popularized as the book and movie "Amityville Horror". Although I can't say for certain rather it is/was a genuine case of paranormal acitivity, it IS one of the better known and more famous cases in U.S. history. It's for this reason that we've posted it on this site.
    This documentary gives fair time to both sides of the case, those who say that it was a true case of supernatural occurances as well as those that claim that it is nothing more than an elaborate fake propogated for the sole purpose of making money. It also includes a little information on the actual murder that took place at the residence in 1974.  All in all, a pretty good documentary covering a number of aspects of the case and most people will probably find this film informative or at least interesting.
    These videos were posted on YouTube by: "FilmmakerEBW". Take a minute to visit his channel on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/FilmmakerEBW where he has a number of other videos related to the Amityville case and let him know that you appreciate what he's doing! Also, take the time to stop by his website at: http://www.amityvillefiles.com and check out some of the other interesting information that he has posted there as well.

Amityville Documentary Part One


Amityville Documentary Part Two


Amityville Documentary Part Three


Amityville Documentary Part Four


Amityville Documentary Part Five


Amityville Documentary Part Six