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The Phantom Brigade (GI-Joe Cartoon)

    O.K., so, the science is a little shaky, alright, a LOT shaky but, it's still an interesting take on ghosts. Not that it's really all that informative but, it is entertaining. Besides, it's GI-Joe and was originally intended for kids so, it's not as heart stopping as some of the stuff that's out now that's intended for adults but, for a little nostalgia and a decent chuckle, it's worth a watch.
    What makes this one kind of unique to me is that even though the science of the paranormal was played pretty fast and loose here, it does pose some rather adult questions such as when RoadBlock, one of the Joe Team members, asks: "I wonder what it feels like, you know, after..." (death), in part two at 05:35. It also touches on the suspicion that some spirits may be attached to this world by objects that were important to them in life. In the case of this cartoon, the three spirits that Cobra uses are bound by a ring, a coin and a locket.

    It also touches on an issue that I find pertinent at 08:55 in part two, near the end when a spirit in skeletal form approaches "Cobra Commander", the primary antagonist, and advises him "One day you will meet your fate and we will be waiting". Sooner or later we'll all be on the other side so, it's important to show a level of respect and to do our best when investigating the paranormal to insure that we do NOT make enemies on the other side.
    As with most episodes of the series, there is the underlying message of right over wrong and good defeats evil so, that's probably how a show about a Terror War in which no one ever dies was able to squeak this one about death by the censors of the time.
    It's an entirely different take than what was common fare in other shows aimed at a younger audience such as "Scooby-Doo", "The Real Ghostbusters", and others of the like at the time. It doesn't just show us a set of bad guy ghosts that have to be busted or criminals using local legends to steal some treasure. This one actually shows the ghosts as being real, thinking beings, just like every one else!
    This is a sign of what, in parapsycology, is classified as and "Intelligent haunting". These "Intelligent Ghosts" aren't just scaring to be scary but, actually have a believable motivation and are capable of making choices. They are able to communicate and interact with the living.
    Long story short, if you can over look the camp and the corniness that was pretty much the trade mark of the 1980's, it's worth a watch.
    Also, after you give them a look, stop in at the YouTube channel of "cobra941" and tell Bob thanks for posting these videos! You can find this and the rest of his collection at his YouTube Channel address here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/cobra941
The Phantom Brigade Part One (10:56)

The Phantom Brigade Part One (10:56)

The Phantom Brigade Part Two (10:58)
"GI-Joe, season one, episode 18, "The Phantom Brigade", copywrite 1985