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Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Bachelors Grove Cemetary
    A cemetary in Midlothian, Illinois, near Chicago, that has been the site of numerous reports of paranomal activity. The video details some of the history of the location and shows what the location looked like as of 2000.

Bachelors Grove Cemetary

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The person who filmed at the Bachelors Grove Cemetary gives us this ideo report of his findings there.
"I didn't notice it until way later looking at the film. I took a photo earlier that year that showed a girl. This video is the ghost of Bachelors Grove, one of the most haunted and active places in the world. If you have been there its the first trail to the left when you enter, the head stone located there is Dora Newman. We believe she is the Lady of Bachelors Grove".

The Lady of Bachelors Grove