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The Paranormal Directory!
Help us help others find you!
    Make sure your group is listed in our "Paranormal Directory"! If your group isn't listed, send us an email letting us know where your group is located, what your range of operation, and your preferred method of contact as well as any other related information about yourselves and we'd be happy to add you!
- Rabbi P.E. Umbarger II

    We've recently added an online arcade of scary flash games! We have them divided into two sections, "Flash Games" which are ghost and Halloween related games and "Horror Games" for the more blood thirsty out there! Please keep in mind that while the "Flash Games" are pretty much rated for every one, some of the "Horror Games" include what some might consider disturbing imagery and situations which may be a little too intense for some gamers. In either case, we hope you enjoy them and find them to be as addictive as we do!
Catherine B. McKinnon
Rabbi Paul E. Umbarger II

Currently we are presenting a different classic, (and some NOT so classic!), horror
movie each week on our "Paranormal Pop Corn" page. We add a new movie every
Friday and keep each one on the site for two weeks. We're also keeping an index of
 the previously presented movies with the date we hosted them and a link to where
 you can watch them at a later date.
We recently added a chatroom feature too so viewers can discuss the featured
 movie with others who are online and watching the movies here!
 So, heat up the pop corn and come watch the movie!  

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The Paranormal Investigation and Research Group
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(January 03, 2009)
New In-Field Investigation Team:
    The primary interest of the Paranormal Investigation and Research Group has always been the gathering and sharing of information on all things paranormal with as many groups and sources as possible, focusing mostly around the South West Georgia area. This is about to change! In addition to our primary mission, we have recently decided to create a "P.I.R.G. Field Investigation Team". We feel that having an active investigation unit dedicated exclusively to P.I.R.G. investigations will help us to grow in new ways.
    We came by this decision as a response to numerous requests for on-site investigations that we have received since our beginning asking for P.I.R.G. team investigations by name. In the past, we have generally responded to these requests by introducing these Reporting Witnesses to respected investigation teams who were associated with us but, not P.I.R.G. members, and assisted these teams ourselves whenever possible. Unfortunately, due to sometimes conflicting methodologies and scheduling issues, this policy has not always been ideal.
    Also, we will soon be announcing specific distances for our ranges of operations. There will be two radius' which we intend for our "Field Investigation Team" to operate in; one smaller radius encompassing our local area where we will generally conduct research and investigations pro bono and a second, farther reaching range in which we may require donations to help off-set our travel expenses. In cases where the P.I.R.G. may require financial assistance or where scheduling may be prohibitive, we will continue to attempt to connect individuals with professional level, non-profit groups, in their area when possible. As always, we will continue to make every effort to provide our services free of charge whenever and where ever possible and to offer our experience and manpower to other investigation groups and individuals.
General Requirements for Joining the P.I.R.G. Team:
01). Knowledge of at least one aspect of the parapsycology including S.S.P. (Others may include Demonology, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, etc).
02). Previous experience with paranormal investigation is preferred by, not strictly required
03). Willingness/Ability to dedicate hours of time to research and evidence review
04). Ability to travel. (We currently have requests for investigations in several states outside of Georgia).
05). Must be clean and sober. (Any form of intoxication on P.I.R.G. activities is strictly forbidden).
06). Good communication skills.
07). Basic tool-kit, (camera, recording device, etc)
08). Positive attitude
We're NOT looking for an extensive knowledge of what Hollywood movies depict. If all you know is what you learned from the movies or televisions shows, there are other groups that would be more suitable for you.
How To Join The P.I.R.G. Team:
    Interested parties or individuals who would like to know more about joining our field team or working with the P.I.R.G. in some other capacity, should contact us by email for further details. Currently, we are limiting eligibility for P.I.R.G. team membership to experienced investigators in the Albany Georgia area although, this is subject to change. Membership in the P.I.R.G. team may be subject to a back ground check and/or include a probationary membership period.
    If you're in an established group of investigators and would like to be included in our "Friends Network Listing", send us an email letting us know where you are based, what your range of operation is and contact details. As long as there is no conflict of interest in doing so, we'll be happy to include your groups name and contact information on a links page as soon as it's up and running. Please remember, inclusion in this listing is at our descretion and some groups may discontinue activity without notice or no longer meet our approval. At the moment, additional information may be provided upon email request. A complete listing of our standards and requirements will be posted on the links page as soon as it's up and running.
    In short, we're looking for good people who know what they're doing. If this sounds like you and/or your team, we'd like to hear from you!
Rabbi Paul E. Umbarger II