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    The Moon Landing Conspiracy
    You be the judge this topic is in honor of Apollo 18's Release

    The Bray Road Beast

    Betty and Barney Hill 



    AREA 51

    The Pyramids in Egypt

    Paul MaCartney Dead Conspiracy Week

    Crop Circle Week

    Bermuda Triangle Week

    JFK Conspiracy Week

    Haunted Survivor Week

    Zombie Week

    Voodoo Week

    Werewolf Week

    Demon Week

    Mothman Week

    Exorcism Week 

    Can Demons Take over are bodies? You make the Call.

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    The Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

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    Black Eyed Kids Week Part Two:

    Frightening Kids ages 12-14 with blacker than black eyes , who appear out of the blue and want you to help them or let them into your home. What are they , should we fear or trust them? You decide by reviewing the below links and listening to the podcasts below.

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    Darkness Radio (Black Eyed Kids Ep) Thanks to Dave for letting us use this.