Interview With Nathan Schoonover

Interview With Nathan Schoonover 


Me: Listeners of The Ghostman and Demon Hunter show like me have heard you mention what got you into ghost hunting and demonology, but for my group members who have not yet listened to the show, can you please walk use through what got you into the paranormal? 

Nathan: Sure. I don’t think I was looking to get into the paranormal—I was interested in the Bible. I was in my mid-teens and attended a lecture on demons, and it scared me so badly I couldn’t sleep. My mother, a wonderful woman, told me that if something scares you “than you need to learn about it so it doesn’t have power over you anymore.” That’s what I did. Bible study let me to attending theology lectures, which led me to demonology, and from there I had an interest in different belief systems and what people thought ghosts and demons were. I guess you can say that’s how I got involved with studying the occult. Now, I get to go all over and talk to people about their paranormal experiences. That’s how I came up with my Number One rule: no one I talk to is ever wrong. I can disagree with them, but that doesn’t make them wrong. For all I know, what I believe is wrong. 

Me: Out of all the ghost hunting shows on TV right now (next to Extreme Paranormal) which is the in your opinion the best and most legit show out right now? Also which is the worst show out there right now? 

Nathan: I don’t think there is a worst show out there. The groups doing the paranormal investigating on TV are out there, doing their thing. What you see in the end is the networks and producers giving the average viewer what they think audiences—largely the general public-- want to see. But these shows are getting the word out there, and I think that’s great. If it wasn’t for these shows, most of the people who are out there ghost hunting now would have never gotten to know about the groups and people in this field: give me a hundred more shows so there’s one out there for everyone. Because I’m so busy, I don’t watch a lot of ghost hunting shows anymore—I usually get them on the Internet later because I’m never home when they’re on. But I do enjoy Destination Truth and Monster Quest. 

Me: Will there be more Extreme Paranormal in 2010?

Nathan: I don’t know. The specials did very well, but it’s all in the hands of the producers. One thing I’ve learned about TV: you don’t know what’s going to happen until about 48 hours before you have to get on a plane and go film. I’m hoping we can either do a few more specials for A&E, or even a Series on Bio or Tru TV. I’m looking forward to getting back out there and filming, but I have no idea when it will happen. 

Me: What was the most frightening case you have work on? 

Nathan: I don’t think I’ve ever been too frightened of any of the cases I’ve worked on. I was investigating some reports about a house where a group of Wiccans were holding rituals. I don’t have much of a memory about what happened, but I was told I was attacked by something. I don’t think it had anything to do with the Wiccan group, unless the entity was just interested in what was going on and we crossed paths. That night another person and I both saw a shadow person, and I went running after it. About eight steps into my run I was told I went down like a bag of rocks. I wasn’t frightened, but I am a little more careful these days. Well, not really that much more careful. 

Me: What advice would you give a person interested in ghost hunting? 

Nathan: Find a cheaper, less expensive hobby! No, no—I’d say start slow. Don’t think that just because you are excited by the paranormal—or because you have all the coolest equipment—that you’re ready to go out on your own. Find a group: and get yourself ready: offer to take the worst jobs. Start at the bottom. Do whatever you can to learn everything going on. Talk to other groups and find out what they do different than you then try it. Try everything. 

Me: I know you’re American but if you could pick 5 places in Canada to investigate what would they be? 

Nathan: Do they have ghosts in Canada? Seriously? Just kidding! I’ve never ghost hunted in Canada. But I hear there’s a haunted train in Saskatchewan, and I’d like to check that out. I’ve also heard about the headless nun in Miramichi, New Brunswick, and some field work on that would be cool.I’d also like to check out Skeleton Park, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in Toronto and Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria. Me: Who has been your most interesting guest on the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show?Nathan: Wow, that’s a hard one. I’ve loved just about every guest we’ve had on. I always love having friends on—it’s like a party, and the guys from Weird NJ are always a blast (we Jersey Boys have to stick together). Elvira was great fun, and the High Priestess of the First Satanic Church was cool. But I think the number one guest who blew my mind was Stanton Friedman. He just had so much info about UFOs that I just sat there and listened. What can you ask a guy like that? All you can do is sit back and try and soak it all in. 

Me: What is a shadow person? Also if you see one should you be worried? 

Nathan: I don’t know what a shadow person is. In my opinion, honestly, anyone who tells you they do know is trying to sell you something. One of the ideas that I find interesting is that they are inter-dimensional beings that are watching us. I’ve never heard a good story start with, “I saw this Shadow Person.” I’ve seen three or four shadow people in my life. It was never fun. 

Me: I know most of the movies based on Haunting tend to stray from what actually happened however I have enjoyed a lot of them, Putting the Hollywood factor aside and what you know about the paranormal what is your favorite haunting movie? 

Nathan: I’m a classic movie guy. Give me Amityville Horror and The Exorcist! I did like The Exorcism of Emily Rose a great deal. 

Me: Have you every seen a UFO? Also what do you think of the possible UFO sightings in Niagara Falls Canada? 

Nathan: I have—and it’s probably similar to many other stories. I was driving with my friend, Ed, and we decided to stop and get a drink. We pulled into a parking lot, and when I looked up, there were two extra stars in the Big Dipper. I pointed it out to Ed, and we both stood there a few moments thinking “where did these to extra stars came from?” Then, in a flash, they crisscrossed in the sky and shot off in opposite directions. They were gone in a second. Believe you me, we went and got that drink after that. As for the Niagara Falls UFOs, Why not? I often thought that it was just light reflecting off the water, but people tell me that’s been tested and failed, so there is always the possibility that it could be something.