Mission Statement

The Paranal operations Adaptive Optics Group (AOG) aims at  maintaining and improving current AO-fed instruments (NACO, SINFONI, CRIRES, 4xMACAO-VLTI) on ESO/Paranal as well as having a team prepared to maintain the second generation VLT instruments (SPHERE, AOF/GRAAL/HAWKI, AOF/GALACSI/MUSE, VLTI/NAOMI, VLTI/GRAVITY, etc.). Information regarding these instruments and projects is kept on our internal wiki and on ESO's Instrumental Development pages and the associated consortia's pages.

Led by the Science Operation (ESO/SciOps) department, the AOG also aims at bringing together people interesting in AO matters. It fosters "AO-awareness" at ESO-Chile and within the Paranal staff, promotes training and exchange of information between astronomers and engineers, students, telescope operators, partners in Chilean Universities and other professional observatories in Chile, etc. 

The group organizes journal clubs, seminars, workshops, lectures, invites experts from the ESO/Garching AO Development (AOD) group, other competent departments at ESO or elsewhere (i.e Gemini South/CTIO/PUC).

Fellows and students (from ESO-Chile but also from elsewhere) are welcome to contact us to participate to our activities and carry out punctual projects, intern-ships or to ask us about AO related matters.

Public page

This page is public, it is the link between us and the general AO community in Chile and elsewhere. We will post public documents of our meetings, seminars, etc.
If you would like to help with updating this site, please contact Julien Girard.

  • Adaptive Optics (concepts, control, operations, results)
  • Image Quality (assessment/monitoring, improvement)
  • High Angular Resolution Techniques (AO, Interferometry/Holography, etc.)
  • High Contrast Imaging and Coronagraphy


AO will play a big role in the future of optical astronomy as it will be integrated to the large telescopes themselves. As the complexity of AO systems increase, it is crucial for the staff to be prepared and crucial for the observatory to retain and increase the knowledge through the years and the staff turnover.