Graham Paramore's Rugby World Cup Spreadsheet 


This site contains the latest version of my Rugby World Cup spreadsheet.


  • All the results of past Rugby World Cups
  • All the fixtures for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France
  • Tables that update as you enter results for the first phase of the tournament
  • Ability to enter the scores for games yourself or automatically obtain the results from this site
  • Clicking on a countries flag will play the national anthem and display the lyrics in the home countries language and English
  • A map that displays where the games are being played
  • Many more - download it and find out :-)

What will I need?

  • This workbook has only been tested on Excel for Windows version 2002 to 2007 inclusive. I would suggest using only these versions.
  • An Internet connection if you wish to automatically have the scores entered for you and to play the national anthem. Anthem midi files are contained on this site and saves you having to store a swag of files to your hard drive.

Download that latest version of Graham Paramore's Rugby World Cup spreadsheet

  • Release notes can be viewed here
  • NOTICE - Problems downloading due to Exceeded Bandwidth Limit

    Apologies if you have been experiencing problems downloading. This should now be rectified by downloading using the above mirrors. In the unlikely event that both mirrors are unavailable, please email me at and I will send you the workbook. Please remember to include what version you require in your request.


    What does "Exceeded Bandwidth Limit" mean?

    "Exceeded bandwidth limit" basically refers to how much traffic your site can get during a given time. While we do have a limit set on it, we are not at liberty to disclose the amount at this time. If you exceed the bandwidth limit on your site, please know that your site will come back as soon as your site's traffic has fallen below our set amount. Please keep in mind that Google Page Creator is still in Labs and we are continuing to look for ways to improve the service and appreciate your feedback.

Why won't the national anthems play? 
The spreadsheet is going to this site to play the midi files. If the site has exceeded the bandwidth restrictions imposed by Google then unfortunately this affects playing midi files as well. Once the level of traffic comes under Google's undisclosed bandwidth limit the anthems should play as normal.

Why do I get a warning message about ActiveX controls?
A warning message appears every time you open the spreadsheet - "This application is about to initialize ActiveX controls that might be unsafe. If you trust the source of this file, select OK and the controls will be initialized using your current workspace settings."

The warning message is in regards to the Windows Media Player control, which is a Microsoft control that they themselves surprisingly believe is unsafe! The purpose of the control in my spreadsheet is to manage the playing of the national anthem, so you can pause it, adjust the volume, fast forward etc - the same as you would do opening an audio file in Windows Media Player. When the warning message appears click the OK button.

Unfortunately I cannot prevent this message as it's a security feature. You can read about what this message means here. I don't suggest amending your registry settings as mentioned in the link as changing the registry can cause problems to your Windows environment should you make a mistake. Besides, if your wanting to use this at work then it is unlikely your LAN administrator would allow you access to the registry.


Graham Paramore

Wellington, New Zealand

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