Hi this page is the home of my Excel spreadsheet for the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa.

This spreadsheet has evolved from my 2006 World Cup Spreadsheet (under the name Parry) after feedback at the time and some ideas I have had on how to make it better.

The spreadsheet is totally free and I hope it will add to the enjoyment of the World Cup as you see the results unfold. I do not seek any profit from this work (I'm just a football fan like you), but if you like it how about making a donation to a worthwhile charity such as the Chilean or Haiti Earthquake appeals. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

  • List of all the matches for the tournament
  • Clicking on a country flag will play their national anthem
  • Interactive map of South Africa to highlight all the games played in that city or briefly show you a picture of the stadium
  • Ability to enter the scores yourself or automatically update them from the web
  • Group tables that automatically populate points etc and rank the teams
  • Wallchart view of the knockout games
  • History of previous World Cup finals tournaments
  • Much more - try it :-)
Graham Paramore
Email: parryishere@yahoo.com.au