About ParQ 2013

The First Workshop on Parallel Quantum Computing (ParQ 2013) will be held in conjunction with the 22nd International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compiler Techniques (PACT 2013) in Edinburgh, United Kingdom on 8th of September 2013.

Quantum computing offers efficient solutions to some classically hard computational problems like factorising integers or approximating the Jones polynomial. If one day quantum computers could be built, then just as in classical circuit design, we need to consider how operations could be performed in parallel to protect the fragile qubit against decoherence effect. The extent to which we can utilise parallelism in quantum computers is still unknown. Some classical algorithms might have more parallel quantum algorithms, or quantum computers could be used to design parallel classical logic circuits. This workshop aims to bring together scientists working on the parallel aspects of quantum computing. The main topics of interest include parallel quantum algorithms and quantum parallelisation algorithms, but also quantum depth complexity and circuit optimisation.

Invited Speakers

Simon Devitt           National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Martin Roetteler     NEC Laboratories America, USA

Local Organisers

Elham Kashefi        University of Edinburgh
Einar Pius                University of Edinburgh
Chris Johnson        University of Edinburgh
Chris Maynard        Met Office, UK

Programme Committee

Anne Broadbent             Institute for Quantum Computing,
                                           Waterloo, Canada
Dan Browne                    University College London, UK
Ernesto Galvão               Universidade Federal Fluminense,
                                           Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nishimura Harumichi    Nagoya University, Japan
Elham Kashefi                University of Edinburgh, UK
Damian Markham          Télécom ParisTech, France
Simon Perdrix                 Laboratoire d'Informatique de         
                                          Grenoble, France
Rahul Santhanam         University of Edinburgh, UK