Paragon International Wealth Management is one of the most reputable premier wealth management firms specializing in offering advice on one of the most precious hard assets currently existing on the plant - fancy colored diamonds.  Located in Toronto, this international company presents with over 75 years of successful experience in investing and diamonds.  The Paragon International Colored Diamond Investment Advisory Group is one that provides its clients with some of the best advice on not only how to manage their diamonds, but also how to receive the most profitable returns on the hard asset investment.

There are few assets nowadays that are able to provide the profitable investment performance associated with fancy colored diamonds.  In fact, the fancy colored diamonds are considered to be one of the more reliable forms of portable wealth as they have been able to withstand countless economic recessions.  A recession-proof form of investment is a beneficial asset to own; therefore, it is doubtless that they will remain valuable.  Furthermore, considering the reduction in the supply of fancy colored diamonds on a global scale, the value of these assets is looking to increase.

Over the years, the Paragon International Wealth Management Company has developed a reliable strategy to ensure that its clients can gain the highest profitable return on their fancy colored diamond investment.  Using their numerous years of experience and specializing in this area, Paragon International Wealth Management has learned that individual trends do succeed in the hard asset investment trading market.  By taking time to develop strong relationships with others in the auction and jewelry industry, Paragon International is able to purchase some of the most impressive fancy colored diamonds to invest at a fraction of the prices being sold to other buyers.

All fancy colored diamonds procured by Paragon International are accompanied by a professional and detailed grading report.  The report is conducted by an independent gemological laboratory where professionals will define the diamonds grade and quality.  This is essential to determine the value of the hard asset and its investment.

It is essential to note that Paragon International Wealth Management is a company that does not charge management or advisory fees to its clients.  The only rates charged is a commission fee based on the resale service of the client's holdings and this commission is only five percent.  The company does not use any form of mark-up on the price of the fancy colored diamonds sourced for clients.  In fact, Paragon International offers clients who are interested an interest-free payment plan allowing the investor to secure the diamond at the existing price.  This will allow the investor to view the diamond and obtain investment leverage.

The fancy colored diamond investment industry is a long-term investment option offering a high yield investment potential with the opportunity for growth.  Over the past 12 years, fancy colored one and two-carat pink diamonds increased in value by over 1,000% showing the opportunity for long-term investment growth.

What Is The Paragon International Wealth Management Strategy?

Paragon International Wealth Management employs an investment strategy that has worked successfully for numerous years for a plethora of global investors.  Using years of experience, Paragon International has been able to develop the historical strategy and modify it to increase the opportunity of success investing in the fancy colored diamond industry.  Below are some of the key factors involved in this strategic investment success.

1.  Successful Market Analysis

One of the most beneficial key factors that are a core to most investment strategies is careful market analysis.  The strategy needs to begin with accurate monitoring and research of the full global market.  Paragon International performs this task by using a research team to accurately and thoroughly research all issues within the diamond investment market.

The team will take time to carefully analyze research data examining both long-term and short-term investment performance.  This will help in understanding the best option for current diamond investments.  Of course, continuation of monitoring and market analysis is essential to remain updated on the investment opportunities and conditions.

2.  Purchases And Sales Of Diamonds

It is not possible to be an investor without knowing about buying low to sell high.  This concept is the most simple of all basic investing rules; however, it is also true that this concept is easier said than done.  Paragon International utilizes its buying power to first purchase fancy colored diamonds below market value for investment purposes allowing clients to secure assets at a low price.

3.  Constant Growth

Throughout history, the fancy colored diamond is always been identified as an opportunity for investment growth and it is this growth that has caused the diamond to become a beneficial hard asset for investors worldwide.  Paragon International has identified this aspect and provides its clients with the best set of investment methods and strategies to take advantage of the diamond's growth potential.

About The Paragon International Wealth Management Company

The majority of financial advisors believe that a successful financial portfolio includes an integration of hard assets; therefore, there are several reasons why diamonds should be included in the portfolio. 

A fancy colored diamond will persistently out perform all other types of hard assets being reliable, durable and extremely affordable.  The diamond has been considered as a form of portable wealth and it is possible to hold millions of dollars worth in the palm of your hand.  In many cases, the diamond has proven to be recession-proof withstanding economic recessions and increasing in value during economic uncertainty.

Paragon International Wealth Management is one of Canada's best diamond advisory firms with over 75 years of experience in the industry.  The strategies used to advise clients are proven successful and promote effective interactions.