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   Who am I?
  My name is Anders Björklund and I just love to be up in the air. I fly a Skywalk Chili with a Cult harness underneath. I use the Flymaster B1 NAV and a small helmet vario for backup and log all my flights with my Polar AXN500.

Coming up / Log 

  Ålleberg and Brunstorp 2012-03-01
Have started this year with a couple of days flying at Ålleberg and Brunstorp.
  Greolieres France 2012-02-06
Trip booked. Mars 24 - April 04
  Comp1 2012-01-25
Had a great training for Comp1 held by Peter Brinkeby.  That guy knows a lot!
                    Happy New Year to all 2011-12-29
  Going to Abisko 2011-11-28
Booked flight, lodging and Aurora Night Visit in Abisko 8 - 11 December. If the wind forecast is ok I will bring my wing with me.
  My wing is back 2011-09-18
It was in very good shape, as new. Flown the wing for a couple of hours at Ålleberg.
  Waiting for my Wing 2011-09-11
I have sent my wing for 2-years control so right now I have nothing to fly with.

On my "Wish to do" list

 After my "short flight" from Varberg's fortress it's still on my wish to do list only because it was a "short flight". Next time I will make sure the wind is a little bit stronger so that I can stay up for atleast half an hour.

So far 2011

  South side of Varberg's Fortress.
Varberg's fortress is an old castle which was consolidated during the 1600s and served as a prison during the 1800s. Today, the fortress is a famous tourist destination in Varberg. The image shows the south souring side. Magnificent!
  Gréolières, France
An hour north of Nice at the French riviera. Second time I will visit this great paraglide area. Gréolières has most flights days of all places
in France. Here we will stay in a nice litte house to use as base. There are a lot of paraglide places in relative close distance from
Gréolières and the plan is to visit some of them, espacially Saint-André north-west of Gréolières, about 2 hours away. Here we sour
along a ridge till sunset.
There is a place at Jönköping called Brunstorp. The take-off is a little tricky, a few meters and then straight down. It's a souring place and
gives great heigths when the wind comes from south-west.
Another great souring site with a lot of thermal activitys. It's located a couple of kilometers south of Falköping. Absolutely great!
One of the best places in Sweden for paragliders. A mountain beside a lake, great scenarios. The flying is souring, thermals, XC with a lot of
different starting places in all directions. It's all there. The highest take-off is over 1000 meters above landing and it's possible to sour right at
the top. Wow...
The best souring place "what ever". Right along the Swedish south coast. Three wishes in one, S-W, S and S-E.
Not really a paraglider showroom but a flight I newer will forget. Highest mountain in Sweden! To walk up to the south-peak takes
8 to 9 hours and if the wind isn't with you you have to walk down again, another 7 hours walk. But the flying is great a nice Swedish summer
day with exploding thermals. A potencial area for XC. I will definitely go back to this wilderness area with its stunning mountains and valleys.
As far as I know I was the sixth flyer that started from the top.


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