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This site is to encourage proper environmental monitoring of industrial aviation noise pollution from foreign investors for foreign clients causing serious health problems for families living up to 6Km around the urbanised Parafield Airport since the early 1990's.



Parafield Endless Flight Training Noise

Buzzed 300-1200 times daily by ~7tonnes of aircraft containing an ape learning to fly over your home from 0700 till 11PM?
Well, there is about 200-300 complaints registered by over 50 different complainants every quarter continuously being ignored…
Many do not even know where to register a complaint, if so freecall 1800 802 584, as often as you like.

Welcome to our blog exposing another one of our States’ grubby secrets – this one that has sold the amenity rightfully belonging to many thousands of family homes, built by people working years of their lives paying for it, trashed just to benefit particular foreign interests. And yes, I am one of the many adversely afflicted, living miles from the aerodrome for nearly 50 years, and am absolutely disgusted what’s happened to our area over the past 15 years. Progress they dare claim, adding to their shame, while they destroy the environment of about 20,000 homes, handicapping the less fortunate with their children, because it is State policy not to measure the unnecessary noise of endless training flights. The massive volumes of training flights (up to 2000 air movements per day) need not to occur over residential Parafield. Over 99% of the Parafield cadets are not from Australia, they can do their practical flying anywhere outside of our residential areas. But no, it is done in the middle of a city, merely to suit the convenient lifestyle for their students and instructors, at the expense of our health, well-being and financial property value.

How and why does this lunacy happen? Well firstly there is a lot of money to be made, and these inconsiderate polluters don’t want to be inconvenienced by appropriate remoteness. In fact, if they can urbanely entrench themselves enough they may be able to sue the State (that’s us) for compensation & relocation costs, after they cause a public health problem that can no longer be ‘managed’ (that’s PR speak for being ignored). The money would be there in the rapidly appreciated land value of the airfield they do not own, but lease. That is probably why large scale flying schools only seem interested in popular areas of rapid regional growth. Beware Mandura, Maryborough-Hervey Bay, Townsville just to name a few. What’s wrong with places like Woomera?

The Queens money is behind a lot of this strategic secure investment. Much of it is behind dodgy companies like BAE, all part of global tax schemes strategically selling security, promoting aviation selling more aircraft requiring crews of pilhttps://sites.google.com/site/parafieldairport/Homeots adding to their sale contracts milking ‘developing’ countries. Parafield is part of the pilot learners’ course. Since the mid 1990’s hundreds of annual inexperienced first-time flyers wing over tens of thousands of homes, many homes first built there during the 1950’s - how clever is that? I suppose Queen and aviation lovers think there is no problem, but nobody is measuring the pollution. Colonisation in this manner has destroyed my home amenity, and adversely impacted our neighbourhood, losing many naturally gifted people forced to move out because of intolerable incessant aircraft noise. Sadly their polluted homes generally become inhabited by the less fortunate, often less literate, whose children would be more disadvantaged and consequentially they are even more easily ignored.

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