Further in depth quest and search into Logic and pure logic!

Logic is the basis of correct thought and analysis, and hence is the basis of all true studies and True Science.
Pure Logic, is a continued terminology, of amplifying Logic, to all kinds of logic including what IS NOT LOGIC, or WRONG LOGIC, or EVIL LOGIC, even INSANE/CRAZY logic!

In Book 1: "Book of Pure Logic we defined or started using the terminology, of what in not known or cannot be known as "abysses of knowledge"!

In Book 2: "Another & Continued Book of Pure Logic", you will all see how much more there is to my first Book. To a level or degree of complexity, or simplification! But we proved that Science Biology "Evolution" is a over-simplification, in a more complex availability of logic which we started using!

The sad thing is, that pure logic, mostly is very easy to understand but very hard to think it at first sight! So once you get it from me, then you deny it's value...!!!

What I will further prove to you, the very big logical truth, that all in reality and energy and matter, has a explanation known or un-known to Science and even me in pure logic.

The reason of the use of the word "Paradise" has many explanations. But initially, I am sure we all agree this Planet and World is more a PARADISE than a PLACE of SUFFERING of some sort! Much less the Bible Hell! In pure logic, "Heaven" is here and thus our PARADISE.

Endeavour, is the direct meaning of a particular travel and quest, which to pure logic, is the further search of truths, reasons, in the reality we are living in.

Book 2 : "Another & Continued Book of Pure Logic" - George Frederick Thomson Broadhead.

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