Pura Spray Booth

Paradise Cove Tanning Salon is proud to be the first in Georgia to feature the newest spray tan machine on the market, PURA sunless. PURA was just released in April 2012 and is revolutionizing spray tan machines.


Simple Positions enhanced design allows for just forward and rear facing positions... no more walking like an Egyptian…

Trinity Mist three spray heads positioned so that the spray from each nozzle does not collide with the other sprays, delivering uncompromised solution to your skin.

Prep Spray included because Paradise Cove knows you want your spray to last. Every spray tan includes a prep spray that deeply extends the life of your spray tan

Heated sessions and an air handling system that ensures the heat stays with you through the dry passes

Four Minute Tan: This is a four-step tan: front and back prep, front and back spray... and done!

Smart Diagnostics: The pressure levels of the nozzles and the solutions are monitored electronically to ensure the machine and all the nozzles are functioning at peak performance

New Pura Solutions - Shower in 4-6 hours! Scented solutions, nice brown color!