Lotion FAQs

Why should I use a tanning lotion in a tanning bed?

Exposure to UV-rays, whether indoors in a tanning bed or outside in the sun, is a stress factor for the skin and can have a drying effect. To maintain healthy-looking skin and develop a beautiful tan, it is important to use a lotion that provides essential moisturizers, plus nutrients and antioxidants that help counteract the environmental stress caused by UV-rays. Lotions also help to smooth the surface layers or the skin to allow greater UV penetration for improved tanning results. Specially formulated indoor tanning lotions, like those sold at TLO, also provide advanced tanning technologies to aid the skin in developing a faster, darker tan. You should always use a high quality indoor tanning lotion. You can also enhance your results by keeping your skin clean and moisturized before, during and after the tanning process.

Do I really need lotion? What does it do?

Just about everyone benefits from using a good quality tanning lotion. The skin is constantly drying out. Although it replenishes, it is often not quickly or adequately enough, especially for the tanner. Dry skin has many negative consequences including reflecting UV light (reducing the results from tanning) and leaving the skin feeling less soft and more inelastic. Tanning lotions help in three ways:

1. Intensify tanning results. Salon-quality indoor tanning lotions are created to react specifically to UV rays to help you tan as quickly, evenly, and as fully as is naturally possible. Unlike most retail-bought lotions, many indoor tanning salon lotions are specially formulated to temporarily stimulate the skin to oxygenate more quickly during tanning resulting in a richer and darker tan with up to 70% more color.

2. Get a longer-lasting tan. Indoor tanning lotions re-moisturize and care for your skin to create a beneficial, soft skin barrier helping you to both tan faster and to have a longer-lasting tan.

3. Condition the skin. Indoor tanning lotions have many other ingredients in them to care for your skin, such as anti-oxidants, to minimize any sun damage. Have you ever skipped the condition when washing your hair? You probably noticed your hair felt dry and rough. You skin reacts the same way when lotion isn't used.

Your skin is like a rubber-band. If left out in the sun with nothing on it, it is much more likely to become damaged, dry, and crack. However, the same rubber-band left outside in the sun will retain it's soft-elastic feel much longer when a good lubricant is used on it. Since most professional-grade lotion manufacturers prohibit the sale of indoor tanning lotions at retail chains, the best (and likely only) location to buy a quality tanning lotion is from an indoor tanning salon.

Can I just use a good moisturizer rather than a tanning lotion?

Although some moisturizers work exceptionally well for home use, only those designed for indoor tanning contain the proper ingredients for use in a tanning salon. Many non-tanning salon lotions smear and cloud the acrylics on tanning beds leading to physical damage and poor tanning quality through the damaged acrylic surface. The only way for a tanning salon to fix the surface is through expensive replacement of the acrylic, which is why most salons prohibit the use of non-professional grade lotions. Also, indoor tanning lotions are specially formulated to absorb into your skin quickly.

Why is moisturized skin essential to great tanning results?

Simply stated: skin that is moisturized better absorbs UV rays and therefore will tan faster. Moisturization is also key in aiding the skin to perform at its optimal efficiency and thus will allow the development of faster, darker color. Skin that is dry and dehydrated will look dull and ashy and will not be able to perform its best.

What are bronzers?

Bronzer products use self tanning ingredients to supplement tanning results with an additional boost of color while your natural tan develops. The key ingredient is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which causes the skin surface to turn brown after 2-4 hours, mimicking a natural tan. Our Bronzing products are available in Double, Triple, and Quatro bronzing levels, which refers to the level of DHA in the lotion. A Quatro Bronzer will last four time longer that a standard bronzer.

Why use a product with bronzer?

A natural tan takes about 24-48 hours to develop. Therefore, a product that contains a bronzer is an excellent way to get a boost of color while a natural tan develops. Clients with a fair complexion or who want to see results immediately will enjoy the instant gratification of seeing bronzed results 2-4 hours after application. Bronzing products are also beneficial for evening out both skin tone and tanning results and can help maintain a healthy-looking, bronzed glow in between tanning sessions. Just remember these simple rules when using a bronzer; wash your hands after putting it on, and wait at least 2-4 hours (so it can soak in to your skin completely) before excessive sweating, bathing, or hopping it to any body of water.

What is a Hot Action and what does it do to my skin?

Hot Action, also know as Tropical Heat, Skin Stimulation, and Tingles, increase microcirculation by causing the blood vessels in the skin to open, which increases blood flow. The reddening appearance and warming effect on the skin is a result of the increase in blood flow, similar to the flush you feel when exercising.

This increased blood flow also increases the oxygenation of the skin and aids in the delivery of required nutrients throughout the skin. This speeds up the skin's natural growth and maintenance processes, and thus has a positive effect on developing darker tanning results. Hot Action is not recommended for sensitive skin or beginner tanners. A spot test is recommended prior to use.

What is a cooling product?

A cooling product contains special skin cooling ingredients that counteract the heat of a tanning bed by drawing warmth away from the skin. They should be applied to the skin immediately prior to tanning. Care should be taken to wipe hands after application and to avoid touching sensitive areas.