Paradiesroute Burgenland

Welcome  to our Radltour!

September 2017
15. 09. 2017 until 16. 09. 2017

Total distance: 72 kilometers,
Total climbing up: 400 hm
# four of four 

Iris, age 72, retired and tired bicyclist
Raimund, vulgo the Chefe
Margit our friend

Road bike tour Pinggau to Rudersdorf
Review of the bike Tour

Total distance: 72 kilometers, Total climbing up: approx. 400 hm

First of all:
the trail really exists...
We thought it was a fake...
All what is written in the Internet is not correct!
There are no e-bike charging stations along the route. Only at Rudersdorf we have seen one (and occupied by the local e-bike rental shop).
One explanation we heard whilst our tour: the route is "young" and not everything is established...

To our tour:
We just did the "core" tour because of rainy weather.
What means, we pedaled just one day......
By train from Vienna to Pinggau (Wechselbahn).
Starting at Pinggau.
We faced a surprising road: so many climb up and down. Asphalt and gravel.
Left the train at Pinggau at 10:00, arrived at Rudersdorf at 18:00
Started with a second breakfast at Friedberg.
Villages passed:
than we made a big mistake and detour, following the wrong way to Pinkafeld instead going directly to Grafenschachen, Buchschachen and Markt Allhau
at Pinkafeld the trail is not good marked.
Deutsch Kaltenbrunn

At Rudersdorf we spent the night at the Aparthotel Heuberger, with a nice dinner at Pizzeria Angela

Next day was planned to follow the trail to Heiligenkreuz and further to Körmend (Hungary).
We skipped that part because of rain and traveled home by train from Fürstenfeld using the Wechselbahn again.

Enjoy the picture report.
Good luck to our followers!

The standard tour goes like this:

1. Tag: Oberwart – Neustift an der Lafnitz; 30 km
2. Tag: Neustift an der Lafnitz – Rudersdorf; ca. 55 km
   >> Karte 2. Etappe

3. Tag: Rudersdorf – Minihof Liebau; ca. 35 km

4. Tag: Minihof Liebau – Hagensdorf / Heiligenbrunn;
ca. 50 km

5. Tag: Hagensdorf / Heiligenbrunn – Eisenberg / Deutsch Schützen; ca. 30 km
    >> Karte 5. Etappe

6. Tag: Eisenberg / Deutsch Schützen – Oberwart;
ca. 60 km / Abkürzer ca. 25 km

 best: to start with a second breakfast at Friedberg

 don't look like this  ;-)
 our friend Margit freezes
 here we ollowed the wrong route
Lafnitztal Radweg is the shorter way 
 Margit with "her" Tractor - next life...
 gravel road on our detour
# one of four
 # two of four
 # three of four
 take the right route!
 rest stop at Pinkafeld
 restaurant's dog - who fears this dog?

 sentinel of Burgau
 it is what is says!
 our accomodation at Rudersdorf
 accomodation details
 "good night"!
 pateo of our accomodation
 Arnold was here...
 last food stop before our return train leaves

- End of tour and report -