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By searchenginegenie.com
"Bracelet arrived this morning. A masterpiece! I've seen them all and the craftsmanship and quality of yours is king. I enter the wild with a bit more confidence now. Thank you." --T.H. M., Connecticut
"By the way, these bracelets are the best I've ever seen. Fits perfectly and the quality of the material and of your work are just flawless. You are a real artist, Kevin. Keep up the outsdanding job. Congratulations!!" --Thiago A.; Brazil
"I received the 4 stainless paracord needles a few days ago. I finished tying off four bracelets using them and I must say, I could never get that kind of finish using my needle noise pliers or anything else. The finish is very tight and clean. The size of your needle is barely bigger than the paracord, so the paracord is not stretched and loose when finished.
IMHO, these are a must have to make a bracelet with a quality tie off and melt. Thank you, William."
"Hey guy,I just felt compelled to send this e-mail to you.As you know there are many many people putting up how to videos on working with paracord of which 99% of them are very hard to follow especially for me as I am 72 years old and just learning this skill.I want to thank you for the knowledge you are sharing with us.Your method of  instruction is far superior to the rest of the instructors.Thank you and keep them coming.
See ya Tom" --Thomas S.; website contact
"recieved the monkeys fist. craftsmenship far exceeded my expectations. the quality is top notch and its absolultly awesome. cant praise your work enough man.  lol" --Adrian T., Brooklyn, NY

"I just received my BSB. This is by far the best SB I have every owned. The fit is perfect and the craftsmanship is top notch. I wanted you to know the work and time you put into this is very much appreciated. I'm sure as happy as I am about this bracelet ill be a mobile billboard for you and should see some more orders coming from my neck of the woods. Thanks again!" --Celia B
"You create some of the nicest artwork I have ever seen! Recently my boys, 10 and 11, started making paracord bracelets. Now thanks to your videos we have some phone cases to work on! We also love the outdoors, and making things from paracord that are useful is literally a life saver! Thanks brother."--Jonathan Rush
"Kevin, received the bracelet....our Marine loves it and is wearing it all the time...a perfect fit and such beautiful work....I am sure it won't be long until he finds a reason to test it!!! Thank you so much....you were so kind to correct my mistake in measuring...God bless you!!!!"
"...btw I am sending several orders your way. I have about 9 guys in a survival club that freaked out when they saw the quality of yours compared to what they are trying to pass off as a "REAL and life saving" survival bracelets, No question you have the top of the line. Have you looked into marketing it for the military or the like? Thanks for your excellent work. You should be getting the orders soon from the guys."
"Got my fids, they are perfect! I highly recommend them. They make the whole process much easier with less slack and that is a big plus when it comes to tightening at the end of the process. My 4th project went much quicker and I was able to be more uniform in the braid. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge." --videodano - youtube

"Just wanted to thank u for getting the bracelet for my son here so fast..He will be leaving on the 31st..He really liked it and said he had never seen anything like it..Maybe he can get u some business..I feel like I can sleep a little better knowing he has a BSB on his arm...Thanks again.." Becca (military mom)

"i recieved the bracelet i ordered from u!  thank u soooo much it is perfect! i know my boyfriend will love it! i hope u and ur family have a great holiday! and thank u again!" --Lily

"Thx Kevin. Am recharging my BSB that you made for me via Lee's BCUSA contest. I wear it every day and have used it in the yard and camping. No emergency use yet, thankfully. Thanks again! This is one of my favorite pieces of personal gear." -- giantpinhead, YouTube 

"Hey Kevin, just did my 1st attempt at paracord wrapping anything, and didn't start with the easiest. It was a knife with a painted black metal handle in a "Y" shape, tapering down at the end, and very slippy. I only had about 3 1/2 inches to work with, and hell was it frustrating! I watched these videos over and over, and finally got it on the 6th go. Some passes didn't turn out perfectly uniformed, but I'm still very happy with how it turned out. Thanks for your efforts, and providing this!" --ulsteryank, YouTube

"Hi again Kevin: The Lanyard arrived today. Wow what a incrediable job it is absolutely fantastic, your a true artist my friend! Thanks so much your my man!....;) winking I am a very happy customer!
                                          Regards, Chuck"

"Well I will just say that your paracord skills are unmatched in every way you have an eye for detail and function while still looking awesome." --Tyler A., Steel Saints Riding Lanyard

"Thank you so much for the awesome bracelet and key fob. I will be putting both to use. The bracelet fits perfectly and will work perfectly with my minimalist survival Kit that I carry in the woods. Thanks again. Stay Safe, Troy." --Troy H., Best Survival Bracelet and Monkeys Fist Keychain Fob

"Great gear, I'm planning on taking the RAT jungle survival course in the Amazon next year and want to take the BSB and back up zip pulls with me!
All the best, John."--John W., Colchester, Essex U.K.: Tinder zipper pulls, Best Survival Bracelet
"Hey Kevin! I just got back from the mailbox, and my BSB, is now on my wrist!! Thank you SO much, it is amazing!
Well made, and even the packaging was great! Thanks again, and what wonderful work you have done!"....
[Followup post on USN] "I just received my BSB today, and I gotta say...AWESOME! The fit, the finish, the execution, all extremely amazing.
If ever you wanted a survival bracelet get one from The Paracordist. You will not be disappointed. I am wearing mine as I type, and am absolutely thrilled! Thank you, to The Paracordist, and to the USN. " --Jim P., Las Vegas, NV: Best Survival Bracelet
"I truly appreciate your youtube tutorials.  Much gratitude to you, sir!  And I find your craftsmanship to be amazing.  It is apparent to me how much time, patience, energy and skill with which you craft." --Sean S., via Gmail
"Firestarters are first rate. The boys are going to love them. I'm going to show them to a couple others troops try to get you some more business.
Again they are great. Thank you very much." --C.B, San Antonio, TX: Firesteel neck kits with fatwood for Boy Scouts.
"...Everything perfect, package got delivered yesterday and I must say I'm impressed! All items ordered are very well made and are as near to perfection as you can get with true manufacture. Thanks you and well done, Kevin, I'll be back with more orders! All the best..." -- HCN, Hamburg, Germany: Monkey's fist fobs, ranger bead necklace, PSK lanyard
Paracord sling in use under Biblical conditions, North Wales!!
"...it turned out to be a run away success and I'm now having to make another 3 for my bushie friends after taking it out this afternoon lol
...best fun I've had with paracord for ages! thanks for the inspiration!! --Bushcraft UK member in Anglesey, North Wales RE: my tutorial on making a paracord sling
"100% worth the short waiting time... A functional work of art, hat's off to You." -- BV from Saltspring Island, BC, Canada: Paracord ranger pacing beads
"Well, from the time it took me to walk to my mailbox, open the package, and install this handle to my pack, it was only ten minutes. Very simple instructions on your YouTube video help out quite a bit. Sorry, my crappy camera phone couldn't take a decent picture, but it looks great. I have total confidence picking my heavy-ass ruck up by the new handle, and would recommend this to anyone who's thinking of purchasing it." -- JC  from Edwardsville, IL: Mainewoods Alice Pack handle
"...and double thanks for the most excellent products of yours that I bought!  I appreciate your quality craftsmanship, man.  I especially love that ingenius fob with the hidden mini-firesteel.  It's seated in there quite secure ... even when placed back inside.  I'd like to get more of those. --Craig C. in NJ
"Thank you for the great job on my ranger beads and ruck handle.  your work is truly amazing. looking forward to years of use from these items.  Well worth the wait. you are truly gifted in your workmanship and customer service... best of luck to you and I hope to see you on the bushcraftusa forum. " -- MN in Fargo, ND: Paracord ranger pacing beads and Mainewoods Alice Pack handle.
"Yes, your ranger pacing beads are performing magnificently. They just came through their first full-on 5-day winter field test, including -14 degree temps and blizzard conditions without a hitch.
 Next month they'll be field tested on a 10-day Canadian expedition to Kwagama Mountain and the Agawa Canyon, which will likely involve minus 40 temps and 5 to 6 feet of snow.
The first set you made me were passed on to one of my SAR team partners and he's loving them." -- 2011 Michael Neiger, Lead Investigator, Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue (MiBSAR) home page


"Almost a year since I bought my set of beads from you and they still look brand new. I've used these beads daily to mark my laps, and they're still as snug as the day you sent them to me. Thanks again!" -- Ebay Buyer julianne117: Paracord ranger pacing beads

"Just before Christmas, I worked with Kevin to get a handfull of his PSK lanyards. So, till these run out, I will include one on every knife I ship out. I think he makes some of the best lanyards, and his other creations are top notch... "

Paracordist's PSK Lanyard on the PMoore T-REX 
tell him the paracordist sent you!

"These look great.... Thank you again for your excellent work and respectful turnaround time! I know these are quite labor-intensive so I'm impressed with your ability to keep up your quality work. To anyone who might be interested or who may be on the fence in ordering something from Kevin - don't. His work is great and his prices are even better. I'm using these pace beads to practice/hone my "GPS-less" hiking in an area completely void of structure (mountains, rivers, etc). The only way to do this reliably is with a compass, map, and PACE BEADS. Again, great work Kevin. Looking forward to these beads as well as my Tinder Pulls (great idea)."  Side by Side beads and tinder pulls - - JBV, Texas



"Almost a year since I bought my set of beads from you and they still look brand new. I've used these beads daily to mark my laps, and they're still as snug as the day you sent them to me. Thanks again!" -- Ebay Buyer: Paracord ranger pacing beads

As for your paracord-based Ranger pacing beads, after months of real-world field testing they came through several SAR field operations, a 9-day Canadian Expedition to Soldier Mountain, and a 6-day trek through the remote McCormick Wilderness Tract with flying colors. They have withstood repeated deep-water crossings, day-long downpours, temps to 100 degrees, and abuse against trees, brush, rocks, mud, and bedrock with no sign of wear or change in function. I really appreciate the snug fit of the unbreakable beads on the pace cord as nothing but a firm grip will move them, which could really foul up a technical land nav operation. And the slightly-larger separator beads make it very easy to pull or reset the pacing beads without stopping to look at them, especially while underway or during night operations. They're the best I've used in the bush, and all I ever carry anymore. Keep up the innovative work. Hope our Special Ops forces are using these as they're so much better than some of the fragile, loose-fitting commercial stuff available. --9/14/10 Michael Neiger  Lead Investigator of the Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue

 "Just thought I would send you a pic of your handywork on my Native, see attached. Looks awesome!" Custom Knife Lanyard -- GC, Pennsylvania
"Best fire kit I've seen, Best Ranger beads I've seen... No slippage. Extremely durable! Thanks!" -- Ebay Buyer: Firesteel and Tinder Neck Kit & Paracord ranger pacing beads
"Kevin, I got the beads and LOVE them, I already got one buddy to buy a set from you. It really has been a long time that I found a product worth the cost and made of good quality, like the products America was known for. Thank you. I currently live in the barracks in Fort Bragg NC and I will make a poster to put up on the bulletin board to hopefully get you more business. BEST SET AND LAST SET OF RANGER BEADS I WILL EVER HAVE TO BUY, GREAT QUALITY. Thank you once again!" -- Ebay Buyer: Paracord ranger pacing beads
Here is a Pic of a Great Lanyard that Brother Kevin me a few weeks back just got to post a pic of it today! It's Fantastic Kevin
"Received the neck kit today and my niece is the one I purchased it for. Her birthday is in two weeks. She actually picked it up out the mailbox and was tickled pink when I gave it to her to open it. When she saw what it was I wished her a Happy Birthday. We then went outside and practiced with PJ balls and she lit it up on her second strike. Thanks for brightening up our day." Firesteel and Tinder Neck Kit -- Cecile, Louisiana
"Hey bro they arrived today and man or these things sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! The "Better Half " said for me to tell you she really likes your work." MiBSAR Pace Counter -- Michael T., Texas
 "Just received two of your PSK-Tactical Retention Lanyard's. The quality and balance are phenomenal. You've taken practical / tactical and turned it into a functional work of art!" PSK Knife Lanyard --Sphpkr; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"It always amazes me the things you do with that cord. Simply brilliant Kevin, great job!" --catervatim_rector; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"Thanks for showing how a lanyard should be worn....and the PSK adjust-ability is genius!" PSK Knife Lanyard -- Eagle, BCUSA forums.
"Cool thanks Kevin... and have I said before that you rock? cause... yeah.. you rock! A true 550 master. My lord are these knots tight! Well crafted sir!" PSK Knife Lanyard --Slade N. Illinois, IL; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"This turned out perfect Kevin, the craftsmanship is absolutely top notch!" PSK Knife Lanyard -- Pete1Gun; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"I also carried the pacing beads that Kevin made for me. Kinda hoping to give them that broken in, been used for awhile look. No such luck, they still look like the day I got them in the mail. No unraveling of the knots or anything. The sliding knots are still tight, as well as the other knots to hold everything together..." Paracord Ranger Pacing Beads --SwampRat1, MS; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"OMG! Absolutely seamless! The weave was TIGHT. I honestly don't know how anyone could tie it that tight... there is no visual beginning or end! It is just PERFECT! True craftsmanship and skillfully wrapped!!! Not to mention it was so quickly executed and thrown back my way as if it was next day delivery almost. Thanks Kevin, you offer really good services to this forum, and I hope your website prospers my friend!" Ontario NS-6 paracord knife handle wrap --Laremnant, FLA; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"Absolutely the BEST on eBay, Repeat buyer & will buy from again. 5 stars!!!!!!!"!  -- Ebay Buyer: "Ranger" Firesteel with 550 Paracord sheath/zipper pull
 "I have one of Kevin's zipperpulls with the mini-firesteel stored inside.  I also have a set of his ranger beads.  Both are EXCELLENT!  Thanks for the quality and craftsmanship!" -- TJW, Illinois
"Got home tonight and found a small box.. In side Was a Great work of Art From "The King of 550 cord" I want to first say He is a Stand up Guy, Family man, Brother, Craftsmen, and A True Master. In The Box was His New one of a kind Pace Beads I want to say one More Thing Brother FANTASTIC!" --Snowshoe67, Maine; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"I got mine from kevin a while ago, they are sssooo well made, he is very good. " -- RSLT, Australia; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"Got mine today too Kevin, I am very well pleased, quality work, fast delivery, great product. ..You deserve the kudos, great work man." -- BigMoe, Tennessee; www.survivaltopics.com/forums
"Your ranger pacing beads worked out very well. The two-tone (black and olive drab), subdued paracord arrangement is excellent for low-profile special operations. The tension of the knots on the main cord is perfect. No unintended movement when bushwhacking, but still easy to use, like the ones I have depending on for years. I soaked the bead assembly in bad-ass swamp water and dried it in 80-degree sun without any problems on the last operation. It continued to work fine, with no loss of tension, when both wet and dry...I had reviewed your pictures and thought your design was outstanding. The ultimate in silence and durability. Good job as I have been searching for such a bead design......Thanks again for your efforts...your MiBSAR Special Operations Ranger Pacing Beads rock! Very sweet. ...they'll likely become standard equipment on all my SAR operations as well as wilderness trips and expeditions I lead in Michigan and Canada -- Michael Neiger, Lead Investigator of the Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue team Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue (MiBSAR) home page
"Bought two, best handmade hatchet I have ever seen, great seller, buy this now!! The BEST period, fantastic workmanship,superior communication,Quality, Buy now!!" -- R.S., Miami
"Absolutely the best quality I have ever seen! A+ ebay experience! Thank you!!!!!" -- Ebay Buyer: Paracord ranger pacing beads
"Superb workmanship on these beads. Quick shipping and an excellent transaction!" -- Ebay Buyer: Paracord ranger pacing beads
"The beads are one of a kind and well made from 550 cord" -- Ebay Buyer: Paracord ranger pacing beads
"Outstanding Craftmanship!! Fast shipping!! Thank you!! A+A+A+A+" -- Ebay Buyer: "Ranger" Firesteel with 550 Paracord sheath/zipper pull
"Great service, hope to do business with you again! thanks!" -- Ebay Buyer: "Ranger" Firesteel with 550 Paracord sheath/zipper pull
"Very pleasant, professional transaction! THANK YOU! AAAAA+++++ FAST SHIPPING" -- Ebay Buyer: "Ranger" Firesteel with 550 Paracord sheath/zipper pull
"Awesome! Shipped fast, will buying from again". -- Ebay Buyer: "Ranger" Firesteel with 550 Paracord sheath/zipper pull
"Really cool design and practical!! Thank you!!" -- Ebay Buyer: "Ranger" Firesteel with 550 Paracord sheath/zipper pull
"A+ Seller, Outstanding Condition, Fast Shipping AAAA++++Semper Fi" -- Ebay Buyer: 550 paracord survival firesteel and tinder neck kit

"A pleasure to do business with. Awesome communiation, shipping, and products!" -- Ebay Buyer: 550 paracord survival firesteel and tinder neck kit

"This kit is absolutely awesome! Thanks and I will be buying again." -- Ebay Buyer: 550 paracord survival firesteel and tinder neck kit

"Great product love the paracord work." -- Ebay Buyer: 550 paracord survival firesteel and tinder neck kit

"I just received my CUSTOM designed ranger pace counter beads/tactical retention lanyard along with three survival necklaces from Kevin. First off, I just want to say what a great experience I had with him. He was excellent in communication via email. Very thorough, very patient, and very creative. I originally ordered his MiBSAR beads but I had wanted to attach them to my ka-bar even though my knife doesn't have a lanyard hole. I asked him if he had done anything for a ka-bar before and he sent me a link of beads attached to his own ka-bar. I told him I liked that idea and he told me that we could definitely do that to my bead set, with the downfall of me having to toy with his creation in order to get the right tightness for the beads to be safely secured to my knife handle. Nevertheless, Kevin assured me that I could do it myself and added that he would make a video showing me how to do the tightening. How awesome is that?! The video was extremely helpful and very instructional. He designed an extremely innovative product to suit my individual need and now it is available for all on his site! The craftsmanship of the beads and necklaces are top notch. The tightness is incredible, the beads will not move on their own! I can really tell that he genuinely cares about the looks, functionality, and use of his products. I highly recommend Kevin and his creations, as I have told many people about him and generated some orders already! Buy from him, you will not be let down. I plan to purchase more items soon. He went above and beyond expectations just to satisfy one customer and that is something that I highly value. Bravo Kevin, you're unmatched!" -- Angelo G.: PSK - style Ranger Pace Counter Bead Knife Lanyard