I'm Kevin, and I am the paracordist! 

Here I will offer unique, custom paracord creations inspired by my love for the outdoors and my grandfather (a World War II era sailor who got me started).

The attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship in my work is unparallelled!

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Recent Testimonials
"Kevin, Just wanted to let you know I received my two great bracelets today. They look wonderful, they fit perfectly and they are very well done. Outstanding job my friend. I'm happy to know there are still craftsmen who do a great job, take pride in their work and deliver a quality product. Thanks so much for all your knowledge (and you're even willing to share it which is especially nice for all of us.. thanks for that) and your work." --D. Collins, Park Hill, OK: Best Survival Bracelet
"I gotta say your making some amazing items. ive been going around your site for hours now, watching every video and looking over and over every picture, and im really amazed of the quality of your items... gotta say all the things you make are awesome but that BSB its off charts, i mean how did you came up with it...and man it works great!!! ...well it was a pleasure to see you amazing creating..." --Jorge K., Website Contact
"I love your tutorials very useful. I'm new to knot work and have fallin into the paracord craze. I'm working on some staffs and Turks heads but I really love the bsb. What a great idea and so functional." --Ronnie B., Website Contact
"Awesome awesome explanation of a wide (long) turks head! Now I can finally attempt to master this frustrating knot. It seems that most people don't want to share this info and ABOK loses me. A small turks head is relatively easy for me but this sheds some light on the whole thing. Thanks! " --MrBlack751 YouTube channel comment

Recent Announcements

  • Paracordist on pre and post shrinking paracord / 550 cord - why you should do it and how!
    I prepared this video in response to the numerous inquiries regarding statements I've made in videos about pre-shrinking paracord. Here's the bottom line - preshrink size-sensitive items. A bracelet for example, will shrink over time if the cord is not preshrunk. If the bracelet was a perfect fist to start, it will become too small. Don't fool yourself into thinking it won't shrink if you don't get it wet. Sweat, rain, humidity, condensation etc. will eventually wet your items and all it takes is a bit of heat like the sun, to shrink. On the flip side; post shrinking (either by carefully pouring hot water over the project, or dipping in hot water) will tighten your knots beyond what you could comfortably do yourself! Great for hatchet, knife and hiking staff wraps as well as monkeys fist knots.

    The quality, USA made 550 cord I use (and sell) from Gladding Braided products will shrink approximately 5%, but lesser brands will shrink even more - so best to do your own test to determine how much more to pull off before shrinking so you don't come up short.

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    Posted Oct 8, 2012, 7:13 AM by Kevin Gagne
  • Paracordist How to make a two color paracord bracelet (Cobra Weave) / Solomon Bar

    The cobra stitch or solomon bar is by far the prevalent paracord "survival" bracelet style. Americans making these for a bit of extra scratch are now being sideswiped by Made in  China versions selling everywhere for a couple bucks. One thing is certain, all that I've seen without exception are poorly made. Ugly burned ends in the worst places mar the product. Dual color bracelets are made without a secure and aesthetically pleasing way of integrating the two cords.

    With my first paracord cobra stitch bracelet video “Paracordist's How to make a paracord bracelet (Cobra Weave) / Solomon Bar w/ no burns & Ultimate Jig” I sought to teach you how to make the solid color bracelet with efficiency, consistency, quality and pride using the Ultimate Bracelet Jig and paracord fids. Now I give you the latest installment "Paracordist How to make a two color paracord bracelet (Cobra Weave) / Solomon Bar".


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    Posted Sep 28, 2012, 3:17 PM by Kevin Gagne
  • Paracordist how to tie the Taut-Line Hitch - ultra-light backpackers must learn! No mechanical device needed to adjust tension on guy lines for camping tents, tarps and other shelters
    The Taut-Line Hitch is an awesome knot. With this basic knowledge, you can lighten your camping gear load. Ultra-light backpackers take heed! This knot replaces mechanical devices used to adjust tension on guy lines for tents, tarps and other shelters. My video shows you how, and the graphic below reinforces it.

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    Posted Sep 28, 2012, 2:45 PM by Kevin Gagne
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