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Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries
Serving to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ
with troubled and incarcerated youth through intervention, prevention and continuity of care


Orange County Juvenile Justice Complex
Orange, California
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"Freedom in Christ" Youth Newsletter

What is life when living without the Life Maker? 
I always thank God for being alive.
Because every day is not guaranteed. 
It’s crazy how I used to think. 
I did love God even though I did drugs. 
That was not love.

E.T. (Youth Guidance Center)

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A Cry For Help

There are approximately 5,775 youth under the supervision of the Orange County Probation Department at any given time, with hundreds of these boys and girls incarcerated in the four facilities of the Orange County Juvenile Justice Complex (OCJJC) — Juvenile Hall, Youth   Guidance Center, Youth Leadership  Academy, and Joplin Youth Center. A majority of our young people come from fatherless families living in neighborhoods overrun with gangs and drugs.

This time of incarceration provides a unique opportunity to bring God’s light into the darkness, reaching out to troubled youth with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.  When a youth comes to know Christ and embraces his or her new identity as a child of God, attitude changes, thinking changes, and a life bent  towards crime and destruction is redirected toward serving and honoring the One who loves and died for them.

The Protestant Chaplaincy Ministry (PCM)  is an outreach of Pacific Youth providing Christian ministry to incarcerated youth in Orange County.  The PCM team makes thousands of contacts with youth each year through church services, Bible studies, discipleship, mentoring, biblical counseling, continuity of care, outreach events, and religious contacts for prayer and literature.