Jeremy Pierce

I completed my Ph.D. in philosophy at Syracuse University in August 2011. I am dedicated to teaching philosophy. It's been my life since I began work on my PhD in philosophy at Syracuse University. It continues to be my life today. I have taught philosophy at Syracuse University and currently at LeMoyne College and Onondaga Community College.

My dissertation addressed the metaphysics of race. Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield published a revised and expanded version of my dissertation, A Realist Metaphysics of Race: A Context-Sensitive, Short-Term Retentionist, Long-Term Revisionist Approach.

I also have research interests in several other areas of metaphysics, including personal identity, persistence through time, material composition, philosophy of time, vagueness, and free will. I also have broader social philosophy interests, including metaphysical and epistemological issues with gender, sexual orientation, and disability and epistemological and ethical issues of race. I am also interested in philosophy of religion, especially God's relation to time, foreknowledge and human freedom, philosophical theology, and arguments about the existence of God. I co-founded and sometimes continue to contribute to the philosophy of religion weblog Prosblogion.

I have taught 

  • (a) first-year and second-year introductory courses
    • ethics [theory and applied]
    • metaphysics/epistemology
    • human nature [ancient through 20th century]
    • history of philosophy [ancient, medieval, early modern]
    • philosophy of religion 
  • (b) junior-level ethical theory, applied ethics, and history of ethics [ancient through 20th century]
  • (c) senior-level applied ethics
  • (d) junior-level logic.