blender seq plugin updates

for blender 2.43-2.49

Note: Sequence plugins will not work in 2.5
 The plugin api that these were based on will not be ported  to blender 2.5+

Classic blender seq plugins updated and (hopefully) bug free  

The source files have numbers just so I can keep track of versions on my hard drive... Just rename the source files without the number if you want....

The version numbers indicate how much I have messed with the original code...

  1. usually is minimum change to get the plugin float capable and working.
  2. usually includes any bugfixes for any bugs I may have found.
  3. or higher will usually mean I have "optimized" or added features to the original plugin...
If you want to dl all of the plugins at once:


Clockwipe :clockwipe2.c


* made float buffer aware


iris:  iris2.c   iris3.c


* Contributor(s):

* Alejandro Aguilar Sierra
* Modifications: Added buttons to control the center, size and aspect ratio
* of the circle used as wipe shape.

 * updated for blender 2.46+ by paprmh
 * made float buffer aware
 * increased ratio max values
 * fixed small bug that reversed offset effect

 * changed so that it always transitions from strip1 to strip2


Jitter :jitter4.c


* made float buffer aware

* optimized

* added choice to have ipo control xstep & ystep


Pixelize :pixelize3.c

linux so:

windows dll: pixelize.dll (thanks go to Lord of the Rings junkie for compiling the dll)

* made float buffer aware
* on/off toggle
* changed MAX_PIXEL to 100
* changed ipo support to reflect pixel height & width settings


Sweep :sweep1.c , sweep2.c



1 * made float buffer aware

2 * diagonal wipes didn't work correctly, (wouldn't go all of the way to the corners in a non square image) commented out "if (posy < posx) posx = posy;" in all of the diagonal wipes in check_zone function to make it work ok.