Rex's Saxifrages

Rex Murfitt Saxifraga species and cultivar

photos by Mike Slater unless otherwise noted. 

Some Saxifragas in Rex's Alpine House. 

Click on each image to view a larger version

The "rarest plant in show" is Saxifraga valdensis D.C.



Rex with a cute little Sax. burseriana





Rex with Narcissus Cylamineus

Saxifraga asimilis

 Sax. belunensis (Irmsch)

 Sax. oppositifolia ex. Cape Norman Newfoundland



Sax.  sendtneri

Saxifragas looking beautiful in round and square concrete pots in Rex's alpine House  in Early March 2008.

Sax. paniculata form from Ingwersen's in the 1960s

Sax. callosa catalaunica

Sax. callosa albida

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