Muhlenberg Botanical Society, 

Lancaster PA

             Muhlenberg Botanic Society 

The Muhlenberg Botanical Society is a group 
of enthusiastic amateur botanists and native plant enthusiasts. 
Our activities and our membership are centered in 
the lower Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania.  

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 Helianthus giganteus,

Tall Sunflower

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Dicentra cucularia, 

Dutchman's Breeches

 Coreopsis tripteris, Tall coreopsis 

The Society was founded in 1932 by Lancaster area botanical enthusiasts “with the idea of stimulating an interest in botany and to aid in the conservation of wildflowers.”  The large collections of two of the Club's founding members, William Auxer and Louise Tanger, were later donated to the F&M herbarium in the North Museum. Mr. Auxer's collection was donated at the time the North Museum was being built in 1952 and Mrs. Tanger's was donated by her son in 1967 and these are now incorporated into the Museum’s collection. The Muhlenberg Botanical Club was inactive in the 1950's and early sixties, but was revived in 1967 by Marcia Sutter as the Muhlenberg Botanical Society and it has been conducting regular field trips and holding its meetings at the North Museum ever since. 
The primary missions of the Muhlenberg Botanical Society are:
     -To help members and the general public learn about and appreciate native plants in South-central and South-eastern Pennsylvania, with emphasis on the identification and ecology of plants.
      -To share knowledge of the phylogeny, biogeography and ecology of plants and flowers in both the Mid-Atlantic region. and around the world. 
      -To help preserve native plants through cultivation and habitat restoration.
Or as it was pledged in an old Muhlenberg Bulletin from the 1930's:
     “To encourage the study of Botany and disseminate the results of such study; and secure by the cultivation of public sentiment the preservation of our natural scenery, forests and innocuous plants.”
The main activities of the Muhlenberg Society in recent years have been guided field trips, informational meetings with presentations by outside speakers or knowledgeable Society members and workshops on botanical subjects. The Society meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Spring from February to May and in the Fall from September to November at the North Museum of Science and Natural History in Lancaster. Various field trips to expore interesting native plant habitats are scheduled from April to October. The Schedule of meetings and field trips is published in the newsletter and on the web site. A native plant exchange among the members is held twice a year. Membership is $10 per year.
One special project of the Society is the Muhlenberg Meadow at Lancaster County Central Park just off Golf Road. This native meadow planting contains some beautiful stands of native meadow flowers along the banks of Mill Creek. Tim Draude, a long time active member of the Society and a past President also, was the driving force behind the collecting of the seed from various areas of Lancaster County and coordinating of the volunteers who did the planting. The Muhlenberg Meadow reaches its peak period of bloom in late July and August and is lovely place to walk and admire native plants.