Headwaters area of Black Creek , SGL 52, Lancaster County

Mengel Natural History Club and Muhlenberg Botanic Club Joint Field trip. (

The following is a list of the plants which were noticed and commented on. This is not a complete list of plants growing in the area!)

April 19th, 2009

 * seen in bloom;           + seen in bud;          # flowering time past

Anemone americana (syn. Hepatica americana)          Hepatica, Liverleaf*

Tusilago farfara         Coltsfoot*

Erythronium americanum          Trout Lily*

Claytonia virginica          Spring Beauty

Viola labradorica (syn. Viola consperssa)           Dog violet*

Dirca palustris          Leatherwood*

Symlocarpus foetidus          Skunk Cabbage#

Panax trifolium          Dwarf ginseng+

Anemone quinquifolia          Wood anemone*

Sanguinara canadensis          Bloodroot*

Amplectrum hymale          Puttyroot

Fagus grandifolia         American Beech

 Carya sp.          Hickory

Acer sacharum      Sugar Maple

Non-flowering plants

Porella            Liverwort

Huperzia lucidula (syn Lycopodium lucidulum)      Shining clubmoss

Polypodium virginicum       Rock cap polypody fern

Adiantum pedatum         Maidenhair fern

Dryopteris marginalis          Marginal wood fern

Botrychium dissectum          Dissected grape fern

Climacium sp.        Tree moss

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