Berks  Seed List 

Winter 2008-09

for the Berks  Native Plant Seed Bank

2008-09  list  (rev. 1.2)

Seed bank list 2008-09 rev. 1.2 PDF (77k) or    

Seedbank list 2008-09 rev. 1.2 Excel spreadsheet (45 k)

(This is the complete list of seed for 2008. We only a small amount of and Jan & Mike will be propagating these themselves for future sharing)

Update 3/8/09: List of seed given to to the Berks County Conservancy's 2009 Restoration Projects (Conservancy seed MS Excel FIle 24k) or (Conservancy seed Adobe PDF 62k)


For Reference:

A Complete Berks County Plant list derived from the USDA Plants site          this includes the native AND introuduce plants which have been documented for Berks County, PA.

( Adapted by Jim Varnum). It includes a few additional species from Lancaster and Chester Counties  also.)

     Berks County Plant list PDF (141 k)    or    

     Berks County Plant list MS Excel Spreadsheet (263 k)

(I have just started to add the USDA Wetlands codes to this list. Mike S.)

USFW Wetlands Code from      Reed 1987
CodeDescriptionProbability of occuring in Wetlands under natural conditions
OBLObligate Wetland species99%
FACWFacultative wetland species67 – 99%
FACWFacultative Species34 – 66%
FACUFacultative Upland species1 – 33%
UPLUpland Species1%

Seed list for the January 24th Seed Sowing Workshop

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Wild Senna (Senna hebecarpa)

 Eastern Joe-pye weed (Eupatorium dubium or Eutrochium dubium)