Paper Model Tips

First of all if you never tries any paper model you can go here to see an example:

Here it's just a castle. Paper Units are not only his. You can make much more. For example you can do cars you like, motorbikes and much more amazing things. You can see my Toyota Celica paper model by following the link Celica Paper Craft. I have many more and i will try to show them to you soon. Before the list of my links i will say some tips. First when you download or buy a paper model it looks like this image from Rigby Paper Model Club(you can find the link below):

  • Don't panic and say what is this. It's very simple to understand, if you think for a while, that it's just an image.
  • First you have to print it. I suggest to print on a paper board and not just a simple A4 paper.
  • After printing you will need a pair of scissors or a paper-knife to cut the images.
  • When you finish cutting the you just follow the assembly instructions to put separated parts together. In this step you may need a glue some pieces to make it more tough and hard to be destroyed.
  • Final step is to decorate it or give it to someone as a little present. For example if you assembled a gift box in a shape of heart you can put something in and give it to your girlfriend.

If you like creating you own paper models you may find interesting this site here.

After reading my tips you can find a lot of paper models and spend your time to make something you will really like.

View my list of links to websites with plenty of excellent and free paper models.