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Move them with Movies

Students are the great creators, so allow them to learn and present by making movies. Here are a variety of apps for android and iOS devices that your students can use in class to make their projects come to life.

Magisto - Magical Video Editor

android & iOS

Action Movie Creator FX Green Screen
Movie Boom Effects

Movie Ride FX
android & iOS

AAA VR Cinema
Android for Google Cardboard

online video editor

Thanks to Ed Campos for these tools listed below!!!
All are iOS

iMotion - TimeLapse video 

great for long time lapse projects because it takes pics every few seconds and then strings them together and speeds them up to make the time lapse.  This takes up way less space on your iPad than Hyperlapse.


This is Instagram’s new timelapse video and it’s awesome.  I prefer it over iMotion now.

FunnyFace Movie Maker 

create dialogue between images of characters faces with the mouths cut out(a la Conan O’Brien)


create cartoon-ish video or import already recorded video and convert that into a cartoon

HalfTone - not a video app, but a very cool comic strip making app.  


create animation with puppets and various props and backgrounds

ActionMovie FX 

Pretty amazing special effects

FX Guru 

a lesser version of Action Movie F/X but there are some cool gems here, too


make awesome slomotion video and adjust speeds, speed in and speed out of clips.


a very cool green screen app for only $2.99


bring all of your app smashing together in iMovie.  Insert clips and add titles and transitions before publishing to YouTube.


Similar to iMovie but allows for more creativity when adding text/effects.

Explain Everything

iDirectr - templates