Google Sites

Google sites (your webpage) should be used as the central hub for your classroom. Here, students should be able to ask you questions through email/forms, take quizzes/tests, and obtain all the work for the day. It should run almost as if it were an online class, yet the teacher is on site to explain and help out in any way they can. 

How is your site?

Watch my Spice up your Google Site Presentation Below

View my step by step shorter tutorials below

Add remind to your Google Site

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Embed a tool on your site:
pHet Example

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Google sites Introduction

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Google Sites: Navigation Bars and Headers

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Google Sites: Adding a Voki

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Google Sites: Extras

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Google Sites: Embedding Documents

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Google Sites: Changing Site Style 

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Google Sites: Header Customization

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Your website should include:
  • The day's tasks (class announcements) 
  • Class calendar
  • Assignments (past/present/future)
  • Homework
  • Videos for extra help
  • Test countdown
Your students should create a website as well to be used as a running portfolio/notebook of all the work they have completed. Once they create the work in Google docs, it is easily inserted into their class website. 

Please take a look at my class website to get an idea of how I set this up. You can play around with the forms to see how I gather input from students/parents and how I take care of absent student work requests. You can find my website HERE.

Add Stat Counter HERE

Add Favicon
You can add any image to your Google Site URL....

    This link will take you to a site where you can create the actual icon to use...   Favicon Generator

Great Google Sites Resource HERE

Also, please take a look at a few of my student created websites: