Welcome to the site of Paper Scale Models from Mexico.

From this web page, I'll be showing, step by step, the construction process of scale models made of paper.
What is Scale Paper Modeling?

Scale modeling is the representation of any object and normally they are smaller than the original. Many materials exist from which objects for this objective is accomplished: plastic (commonest), wood, metals, mud (clay)... paper.

The modeling in paper is the art to create scale models with paper. Its mayor popularity is present in Europe, and now we can also have in the New Continent thanks to the Internet. The models are constructed of paper - mainly cardboard - cut and flexed. If you can use scissors, you can construct a paper model.

Many subjects of paper scale models exist: aviation, buildings, trains, cars, and even animals. And the tools are as simple as a hobby knife - e.g. Xacto - , a cutting surface and glue.

To construct three-dimensional objects out of bidimensional surfaces of paper is an activity as fascinating as satisfactory. As advancing in experience you will find new techniques and dare to construct more complex and ambitious projects.

Visit my blog for information on  paper modeling clubs in the world and Internet links to to downlaod models  for free.