Paper iPhone 

real size sample is better 

Many of you out there are probably wondering how big is the iPhone? Will it fit into my palm? or too big to carry around in the pocket with keys? Well, I did some searches online but specs numbers from Apple website cannot really answer those questions for me. So I made the following PDF and this webpage in my 10 minutes of spare time. The image is not in the perfect quality but I just want to get a feel on the actual size before I rush out and get the actual iPhone later. After you folded the paper, the 'paper' phone will have the exact dimensions of actual iPhone.

If you want to try to see iPhone is the right size for you, you can download the PDF below, print it on paper, then just cut around the shape and fold alone the edges. Use glue or tape to secure the shape.

It's very similar to the size and weight of my 30GB iPod, but a bit longer. I think I can carry that with me without a problem. Many people were surprised and thought the 'paper' phone looks smaller than they expected from TV ads and online photos. It's totally not those big and bulky PDA phone people carry everyday. Well, try it out for yourself and have fun.

Here is the PDF link.

Don't forget to print with borderless option on to match the paper size.

Here is the preview of the PDF: