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PaperGirl-NY was a wonderful project. I thank everyone who participated from the bottom of my heart. I would like to do the project again at some point in the future, but it takes a lot resources- which I don't have at the moment- to make it happen. It was very difficult to organize this large project while living on a different continent, having little to no financial support, and with few people willing to work for free. My hope is that in a few years I will find a wonderful grant to support me, and it will also be at a time in my life where I am once again able to put everything on hold in order to invest all of my being in a project in New York City. I dare to dream, and I intend of living all of them. 
I hope to still have your support when this project makes its comeback, but in the meantime please support the many other PaperGirl projects around the world. 
Sincerely, Sina B. Hickey

Thank you for all of the positive feedback, and thank you to all of those who participated! If you received a roll, we'd love to hear back from you! 
If you don't already know what PaperGirl is, check out the photos and press. There are also many other PaperGirl chapters around the world.

Send us an email to get involved. We are looking for people to help us organize next year's event.