Kathy, the owner of Paper Creations, has three girls. I’m Stephanie, Kathy’s middle daughter. My older sister is Kris and the younger is Lisa. Sometimes we refer to ourselves as “The Hens” – it seems quite fitting being that our last name is Hendrickson. Kathy has two granddaughters, Natalie and Chloe. Or as we like to call them “The Chicks." The roosters in our lives are Kathy’s husband, son-in-laws and grandsons who are the handy-men who can often be found puttering around our store. 

We are a family who loves to craft. When we were young our Mom enrolled us in all kinds of classes including painting, flower arranging, cake decorating, calligraphy and so many others we can’t even remember. I can definitely say we grew up in a home where exploring, creating and finding inspiration around us was always encouraged. 

We come from a long line of entrepreneurs. In fact, Kathy’s dad started several businesses in the Salt Lake Valley more than 80 years ago. I think that my mom was born with that same entrepreneurial spirit! One evening while we were scrapbooking, my mom came up with a hair-brain idea about opening her own scrapbooking store. We were all on board and about three months later, Paper Creations opened its doors. Now seventeen years later, we still love everything about it – working together, meeting great people like you, and pushing ourselves to grow our creativity. 

So that’s us – the Hendrickson family, the lucky bunch of hens, chicks and roosters who are lucky enough to share our passions with all of you!