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   Denton North Carolina History / Photo Memory Year Lane site. Memory Year is especially for Grandparents, or anyone else that would like to set up a page of personal memories for their grandkids or kids for years to come on the Internet. Your Internet URL address would be: 
                  ~ also will build a business site to list on Denton/Davidson County links page.

$50.00 for Your Page of Personal Memories


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Denton NC DHS and SDS Class, Church Listing, Veterans, and Denton Stuff
What You Get: Your write up [example: bio of grandma and grandpa] posted on Your personal Page and Pick out your 12-15 favorite photos over your lifetime and I will scan and post on personal page thats made especially for you. Your Name and LINK will be in the navigation bar on the left side of this page. Show your photos and tell your bio on the Denton NC Memory Year Lane stuff web.
   What a wonderful gift for the kids Forever on the net.
If you already have some photo albums online, I can link them to your site here also.

For your Memory Year Personal Page I have set up a example page for Susie and I, the way your page could look and navigate  Here.............

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Don't forget the Freebies!  Let us post your memories  to Denton History / Photo Memory Year Lane site

Free -  post Your Year DHS class or SDS class at Denton NC.      Will add your Class Photo and Info. FREE
Free -  List Your ChurchDenton and surrounding community Church History and Photo on this site.
Free -  Veterans Photos and info posted on Veterans page free
Free -  Denton Stuff posted free
Free -  Denton Folks photos posted free 
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