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     Seaph Gallimore and Alice Snider Gallimore family.Lived in Randolph county [ jackson creek]
,Thomasville, and  Denton NC. Seaph and Alice moved to Ocean Drive Beach SC in 1954 until 1970
 1970 Seaph and Alice returned to Davidson County and purchased a house on Cid Road near Denton NC.
   While Seaph was attending Cedar Spring School~ he met his future bride, Mary Alice Snider. Alice was the daughter of Philip Hosea Lee Snider and Mary Ann Garner Snider. Seaph and Alice were married 20 December 1920 and lived in Randolph County township of Jackson Creek. Read More.......  download file for Seaph Wood Gallimore  Seaph was oldest son of James[jim} Alexander Gallimore. ~  View Gallimore Orgins Here...........
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Seaph, Born 20 Feb. 1899 ~ Died 22 Jan. 1973. -- Alice, Born 14 Sept. 1901 ~ Died 14 Oct, 1978


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Family book download file for Jean Gallimore Hege Introduction Gallimore History PDF format
James Gallimore family at Thanksgiving.  2009 Thanksgiving in Alamba

Larry and Christina Gallimore photo album Jackson John Gallimore, Born Oct 10, Here.......
Derek and Janet Gallimore photo album Caylee Addison Gallimore born Oct 17, 2008 View Here.....

PaPaw Ronnie Gallimore public photo gallery Here.......

Thanks to Doak & Nancy Gallimore for hosting the Gallimore reunion every year in Thomasville, NC
 { Davivdson County NC }      The Last Sunday in Sept. every Year.

Glenn Doak Gallimore born 22 July 1933, was the last child of Seaph and Alice Snider Gallimore

Myleigh and Kylyn Surratt Photo Album , grandkids of Nancy and Doak Gallimore View Here.....

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   To Gallimore family
    Okay, I [ronnie] made a boo-boo on the location of the Beach House that Grandmaw and Grandpaw Gallimore owned at Ocean Drive Beach SC from 1954-1970. It was located on 5th street and and I was about 4-5 blocks off [south]. Sorry if I got everybody confused
     While Ralph and Margaret was at th beach in Jan. 2010, they took about 2 hrs. finding the right beach house for all the growth around there. I don't think they had the address either, but they did good and found it and took several Photos which I have put in a photo album online. you can click on the photo and view if you like. Thanks to Ralph and Margaret for straighting my mess out.
     Thanks, ronnie g.

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2013 Gallimore Reunion

Sep 30, 2013

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 Hosea Gallimore & Lorie Family, Photo taken July 22nd, 2018 @ Rehap in Denton
Hosea Gallimore &amp; Lorie Family, Photo taken July 22nd, 2018 @ Rehap in Denton

Ralph in 2016 Birthday at Alabama Theatre

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